Mizzou football standout arrested for suspected drug possession

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Greene County booking photo

SPRINGFIELD, MO (KTVI)-Mizzou football standout Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested in Springfield overnight for suspicion of felony drug possession. According to Springfield Police, the sophomore wide receiver was one of three people in a car that was stopped at Sunshine and Jefferson just before midnight Friday for expired plates. It is unclear who was driving.

The officer noticed a strong odor or marijuana;  a search turned up nearly a pound of pot and assorted drug paraphernalia. Green-Beckham, 20, along with Patrick W. Prouty, 20, and John W. McDaniel, 22, were all booked and jailed for Possession with Intent to Distribute -Marijuana, a felony. All three were released without bail early Saturday.

A prosecutor will review the evidence before filing charges.

Green-Beckham’s father stood by his son telling the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,  “We feel very confident that the investigation will result in no charges against Dorial. Dorial very much regrets being in this situation.”

Green-Beckham was suspended from the team for one game in October of 2012 after being arrested for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.  Charges were later dropped.

Green-Beckham is a Springfield native and a Springfield Hillcrest High School graduate. He earned 2nd team All-Southeastern Conference honors this season.

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  • Tom Hayes

    Dorial hasn’t been convicted of anything. I believe the lawn reads you are innocent till PROVEN guilty!

    • Tyler adams

      The “Law” Reads. Let us take a moment for this poor soul and pray he passes his next spelling test.

  • Don Broyles

    He’s just another punk ” star ” that thinks laws don’t apply to him. He goes to M.U. on a “free ” ride… we the public are paying his bills and this is how we are repaid. It’s past time to kick these jerks out and put kids into collage that want to do something good with their lives.

  • Jermaine Sutton

    Mizzou get rid of this black drug dealer thug. He belongs in prison not on the stadium with other. What kind of an example is he to this society?

  • andy hillis

    what a joke- this is a disgrace- the school should automatically expell him from school free ride or not he got caught redhanded with weed and daddy says he just a innocent victim- sure thats what they all say, bad blemish for mizzou who just won a bowl game?? How embarassing- Goes to show that this dude “did not care” thought he was invicible. Wrong!!

  • William Hall

    Well what 20 year old in college doesn’t smoke Pot? He just needs to be smarter about where he is at doing it….

    • Buddy

      a 20 year old on a full ride scholarship should be held to higher standards than that of an average 20 year old student. He is an athalete and could probably have a very bright future if he stayed clean and avoided trouble.
      My guess is that since this is the second time hes gotten nailed with weed, it won’t get brushed under the carpet like his first offense was.
      Send him back home. Kick him out of school. Let him be a drug dealer if that’s what he wants! His own choices led him down this path. Time to hold him accountable instead of making excuses DAD!!

  • jsr

    he could possibly not have known there was a pound of m.j.in the car…he did know however that there were people in the car who were smoking the killer weed.how many 20 year olds are going to demand their friends to let them out of the car due to the illegal activity in the car….or were dgb and his friends going somewhere to sell the weed.

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