Revisiting the Missouri school transfer program

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(KTVI)-The Missouri General Assembly is back in session and a lot of lawmakers say a top priority will be to change the school transfer program. The program says students from any school district that loses state accreditation can transfer to nearby school districts. Their tuition and busing costs have to be paid for by the districts that lost accreditation.

In St. Louis, the Riverview Gardens and Normandy school districts are affected. The Normandy district now says that the plan is bankrupting them and that Normandy will have to close April 1, 2014, unless they get emergency $5 million cash from the state legislature.

Meanwhile, lawmakers are pushing for changes in the entire transfer operation. Charles Jaco talks with State Senator Eric Schmitt, a Republican representing the Glendale area in St. Louis County, and State Senator Scott Sifton, a Democrat representing the Affton region in South County.

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  • Crystal

    Oh…I’m so sorry you’re being bankrupted. It just breaks my heart that you have to pay for kids to get a real education elsewhere. Guess your teachers should have taught better.

  • Jason

    Thanks for that heart felt response. Could it be any more sarcastic? How about you come to Normandy and see how well you fair Ms. Crystal. There are excellent teachers in the Normandy School District. The students come with much more excess baggage than their peers in more affluent districts therefore the teachers have much more to deal with than just to teach them academics.

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