Woman who recently lost child claims police abuse

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PEVELY, MO (KTVI)-- The Pevely Police Department is investigating a complaint of police brutality.  19-year-old Kayla Conway claims an officer slammed her face on a carpeted apartment floor last week.

"He grabbed me by the back of the head and just slammed me on the ground," said Conway.   She claims the officer then dragged her face on the carpet before handcuffing her.

Conway wanted to go in an ambulance with her boyfriend.   He had overdosed following the recent loss of their child.  Conway went into labor six months into her pregnancy.  Her boyfriend was passed out in an apartment bathroom while paramedics carried him away.

"I was worried about him," said Conway.   "I didn`t really want anything to happen to him because my son just passed away, and I didn`t want my boyfriend to die too."

Police confirm a complaint has been filed.  The police chief said he could not comment because of the investigation.  He did say there are times when a person is not allowed to be with a loved one inside an ambulance.  He said one of those scenarios is when a crime had been committed.  He said another factor can besafety.

Conway admits she was freaking out over her boyfriend`s situation but believes police went too far.

"I think I was as calm as I could be in that situation," said Conway.

She said police took her to a holding cell and arrested her on charges of resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.  She hopes the investigation will lead to those charges being dropped.


  • R .E. Harris

    Pevely police dept has a poor track record worst in Jefferson co as a former resident now retired this was the worst town I ever live in. to this day I don’t spend any money in any of the stores there

    • Earth

      After viewing the video and reading the article, I would say she is quite lucky.
      A few years back, a similar situation in the city of St. Louis ended with the person who assaulted the police shot dead.

      The police enter a strange building answering a call for help for someone who has OD’ed , and they are assaulted by the other person in the possible drug house. Bang!

      • R .E. Harris

        This was not a drug house I know the family no one was charge with having drugs her boyfriend took his medication and forgot he took it and took a 2 dose this is what happen he was noit even charge his girlfriend was charge for what I would like to know now if that poor cop looks worse then her I could see assault charge but known pevely they had to come up with something

  • Mark Hill

    Sorry about her loss, but I don’t think that’s a valid excuse for behaving badly, or related to the incident.

  • philip

    There is no excuse for man handling that little girl. That officer should be fired immediatel . And those charges dropped.

  • clydealan

    For the most part, for the vast majority of police, they are everyday heroes. I could not do that job. But it does seem that job does attract little boys in men’s bodies who have a driving need to feel the power that comes with strapping on a gun. Any traces of real humanity are lost on these guys. My daughter was murdered a few years ago and the detective that investigated her shooting treated me like I was his brother. Most cops are like that. A few are not and get their kicks from pushing and dragging people around.

  • Don Capone

    she a little 19 year old girl that was concerned about her boyfriend and just wanted to go with him to the hospital and she didnt deserve to get beat like this,it unconstitutional and these police officers have taken an oath to support and defend the constitution,they are here to protect and serve the people,not to beat the people and charge the people with made up lies to protect there self,it doesnt matter what the girl said to the police that made then mad and beat her,it her rights to freedom of speech,these police officers lied under oath to support and defend the constitution and should be charged a fine or put in prison and charged with aggravated assault and given prison time,just like anyone of us would get if we did this.

    • R .E. Harris

      How come the boy was not charge for all these drugs he was suppose to have od on ” hello” the only charge f troop could come up with was not obeying the cop when she wanted to go with him the cop said no

  • Elisha

    I grew up in Pevely, and I know that there is a certain officer that loves to abuse his authority and even sexually harassed a good friend when he thought nobody was in earshot. It is very probable that an officer did this and you should not jump to conclusions if you don’t know the full story.

  • Ashley

    Neither the girl or the boyfriend do heroine! When only weeks ago having a child and losing it she should have not been slammed on the floor. I know a month after I gave birth I was still in terrible pain. You are told when leaving the hospital to not lift or do too much for 6 weeks!!! It had only been a couple for her so I couldn’t imagine the pain she felt..because I couldn’t even walk up stairs without being in pain!! Also the boyfriend may have only drank too much..u don’t know so doubt jump to conclusions esp such horrible ones like heroine..I know the boyfriend personally and I know he dont do drugs like that!! Stop assuming just cause they are young and it says ‘ overdose’ that it’s the worst drug ever that he was doing!! If you have never lost a child I don’t think u have any right to judge him for his overdose..because you DO NOT know what kind of pain he or she was feeling. They lost a child for god sakes!! The young girl deserves justice! She just gave birth and got beat by a grown man for wanting to be by her. partner’s side! Stop looking at their age and assuming they are young and on drugs. They are young grieving the loss of their baby!! I’ve dealt with pevely police and some are down right awful. I’ve seen them make up charged and much more I won’t state..honestly what could she be leaving out? What could a 19 yr old girl do to make a grown cop feel like she’s a threat..she’s not leaving anything out..it’s just shocking to hear what some cops do wrong…the cop did something we don’t understand and it doesn’t make sense so yes it seems like something has been left out of the story but nothing has been left out the cop just did something that we will understand why..maybe because some cops use their authority do do whatever the check they please because they are sick people who have let their badge take the best of them!! This young girl could not have did anything to cause this officer harm she just gave birth..so why did he need to use force?? And also she took good care of herself when pregnant ..she didn’t lose her baby because of drugs..grow up and stop assuming when u don’t know anything!!!

  • A

    She’s a LITTLE girl. I do think she is leaving something out because she probably doesn’t want to get charges pressed. It’s not that hard tell what happened and get it over with. They can simply do tests to find out what her bruises and things came from. She wants attention and well she’s getting it. She probably wants money to so she’s trying to sue. Grow up!

  • M

    I cant believe just because the negative comments,I personally do not know either of them, Everyonee always assumes it is the kids fault. Have some faith what if it was your son,daughter,or your grand child that was lost..She isn’t even healed from having the baby, and a grown man throwing her around like a rag doll is not helping the situation,in fact it only shows the type of person the officer is, Police are to protect and serve..We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, I believe if the police responded to the call with proper procedures then they would have known the situation and none of this would of happened. I whole heartedly think the girl is telling the truth..

  • amanda

    Looks like A HEROIN od to me. He was passed out on the floor. First sign of an opiod od. Stimulants like meth or coke dont make you pass out. I have dealt with way too many heroin addicts or addicts in general in my career field to know that they always are the “victims.” Im not saying that what happened to her is right but I can tell you im sure the whole truth is not out there yet. I have been verbally assaulted, spit on, kicked, and smacked after working on people who OD from heroin. I dont get it. You were just about dead…and now you are pissed because the drug is out of your system but not happy that someone was able to keep you alive? My point is that dont jump to conclusions. This woman is leaving something in the story out. Oh and Ashley if its not heroin or a VERY simular opiod then please explain exactly what it was that he did OD on because I am curious.

  • Jeff County realist

    It’s all smoke and mirrors anyway because it’s really the best thing that every happened to this dipshit. She is going to sue and get an out-of-court settlement so she doesn’t have to work for a while. Cry me a river.

    • B.W.

      You people know nothing about her.. For one, neither of them do heroine. I would know… I’m related to her.
      Two: she’s not a disrespectful person at all. She’s not doing this to get a settlement, she’s doing this to get justice…
      She is an amazing person who just went through a tragedy… She was scared she was going to have to deal with another!

    • c

      The only smoke and mirrors is the lies about drugs to make the community sway in the cops favor in a city hall already exposed for corruption.

  • Chris Rapp

    This is a corrupt little town where the mayor embezzled a felony amount of money paying his wives phone bill, never was arrested, and is still making decisions for the city. There has been a city employee shot with a gun at work, and recently a man hurt with the wood chipper who probably tested positive for drugs. This untouchable attitude that the mayor has is the same way the police operate. In 2008 I was assaulted by 2 officers from the pevely police dept for a made up turn signal violation when I wouldn’t sign the ticket. I also filed a complaint, but this is useless, they investigate themselves, and they are not going to find themselves guilty of anything. If it is the same cop that assaulted me he should be fired, the man thinks he is above the law, and will make his report make her look bad even if he has to make up a story like he did with mine.

  • Al W. Lammers III

    All the little police / pig shops should be closed and ALL should be fired! Hand the municipalities over to Jeff county sheriff’s office! All those little kangaroo places are full of the rejects from St.Louis city and county police academies that couldn’t hack it!

    • R .E. Harris

      Pevely police has been trying to take over Jefferson co sheriff office for years why is it ever time you get the leader papar ever week pevely makes the front page city hall got a big problem

  • Derek

    Interested to see how this one turns out. Considering that there were at least 2 additional witnesses. Maybe up to 6 depending if DFPD hadn’t left the scene before this went down. Why did everyone forget about the paramedics and fire fighters

  • philip

    Kinda funny how people get on here leaving comments that are not true then dissapear. Probably the cop his wife or both

  • Don Capone

    come on people we cant just keep letting bully cops hurt innocent people like this,this is happening all over our country just look it up,you cant blame it on drugs because shes not the one they called the hospital for,this is america people and the more and more we keep letting this happen the worst its goin to get,we have the worlds biggest prison population in the world because of these bully cop putting innocent people in jail for crimes they did not do,open your eyes people this could be you.

  • Chris Rapp

    Anyone that wants to leave the pevey police chief a comment his email address is (chief.weeks@pevelypolice.org) Everyone should let him know how good a job he is doing training these animals.

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