House passes compromise $1.1 trillion budget for 2014

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WASHINGTON, DC — A $1.1 trillion compromise spending bill that funds the government through September won approval Wednesday from the Republican-led U.S. House and now goes to the Senate for consideration.

The appropriations measure, approved 359-to-67, would roll back some past spending cuts, raise federal worker pay and touch the everyday life of all Americans.

Compromise on the fiscal year 2014 spending bill is a break from years of congressional funding fights that included a government shutdown last October.

By Deirdre Walsh

CNN’s Tom Cohen and Lisa Desjardins contributed to this report.

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  • t

    Yeah raise the government welfare for the Government employees while people laid off get benefits cut. Thanks liberals.

  • Ken

    This administration is the most pathetic I’ve ever seen in this country!!!!! We continuously let them just skate by on the minimum that they can do all the while going against what the American people are telling them.
    It is time that we elect people that are for the American Public rather than to sit there and pad their pockets with millions of dollars from big corporations.
    Sick of all that they do. If it wouldn’t affect normal everyday people I think that they should just shut the whole government down and with no pay until they can come up with a permanent solution rather than just what they can do to work a couple more months and go thru the same thing all over again.

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