Family claims teens were having sex in Mid Rivers Mall bathroom

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI)-- A St. Charles County family is asking Mid Rivers Mall officials to tighten security around a family changing station.   The area is designed for parents to have a place to change diapers or take children to the bathroom.

Jessica Barbier said she stopped in the room Sunday afternoon to change her son`s diaper.  She said two teens walked into the room and started having sex.

"It wasn`t like we walked in on them doing it," said Barbier.  "We were already in there and they walked in to the room."

Barbier was with her mother.  Jeannie Lund ran to ask for security.   She said after several minutes a security guard arrived.   The teens had already left.  She said that guard told her this happens all the time.

"I was just appalled," said Lund.

She then went to a customer service counter to complain about the incident.  Lund said the person behind her the counter also told her this type of incident happens all the time.

Mid Rivers Mall released the following statement:
We were recently made aware of this incident and are addressing the issue across all management channels.  Our priority at all times is to provide a safe and secure atmosphere for our customers and tenants, and we will continue our focus on these efforts.

Barbier hopes he mall will take her family`s concerns seriously.

"People I think need to know that it does happen," said Barbier.  "I don`t want my kids around that."


  • Michelle

    I have used the family lounge at that mall! Its not just a restroom. Its a large open room with a large bathroom with a door, a few changing stations out in the open, and a few smaller rooms with curtains for nursing moms. The only way to lock the door is on the bathroom, the changing stations are in the open. Agree with posting signs and a stronger security presence in that area. Possibly change the room to have more privacy also.

  • lil ol lady

    They should of both went into the mens restroom and there would have been NO crybabies! You know granny’s right!

  • Ja Butz

    MRM is appalling. We live in St. Charles and don’t even go there any more. The Theatre is a disaster area (I realize it’s not under Mall Mgmt but maybe a product of its environment?), we’ll never go back there. The Mall was always just so-so, but with this report, I’ll never step foot in there again. If I had mgmt over any store in MRM, I’d be pushing to have that store closed/relocated.

    Mid-Rivers Mall, get your act together, this is pathetic.

    • Reality Check

      It happens at every mall in the world. It’s not news that teens are doing “it” in public, they will do “it” anywhere they can (hormones). This is not exclusive to Mid Rivers Mall, St Charles, St Louis, Missouri, or America. Bottom line: Kids will have do “it” anywhere their parents won’t catch them.

  • Lori

    And you think this doesn’t happen at the other malls?! Give me a break. I’m so tired of people acting like those of us who live on this side of the river are all hoosiers with no morals. We shop at Mid Rivers Mall all the time, and find it to be a very decent mall. So there are a few bad apples that caused a commotion – go after them, but don’t condemn the entire area. It’s way nastier at the Mills and Jamestown!

  • Barbara

    Take God out of our lives and people go crazy. God is angry!!!! Also if children have no consequences when they are growing up why would they think there would ever be any for anything. Make them obey as a child and see the difference when they are grown.

  • RickM

    Elevator room catches on fire, bad gas leak, and then two pipes burst in the same week flooding the mall. This all has happened there since December.

  • Bad parent

    Blame the mall…not the teens’ parents. Sounds normal, it’s always other peoples fault. Security is there to assist people and give customers the sense of safety. Not to babysit 15 yr olds. They should just say anyone under 18 can’t be without an adult…would solve this issue.

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