Over a dozen petitions submitted to make marijuana legal in Missouri

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Over a dozen petitions have been submitted to amend the Missouri State Constitution regarding marijuana.

The petitions relate to production, sales, distribution, and consumption of marijuana and hemp products.

The state would be allowed to establish a tax, and authorize regulations and licensing procedures for pot.

It would also change criminal conditions for pot offenses and allow individuals who have certain marijuana-offenses to apply for their records to be erased.

And they would allow the use of medical marijuana.

Signatures from registered voters have to be obtained before any constitutional changes can be brought before Missouri voters, this November.


  • ol' woman

    I myself, would rather ride in a vehichle with someone that has been smoking marijuana then drinking alcohle. I’ve done both in my past and im telling you I think marijuanamis a safer choice of whatever it may be used for. Wether it is recreational or medical. I think it should be leagalized in the state of missoui.Let them tax it, they do alchol, so let the big boys in on it, I’m sure they have smoked their fair share of it to!!! Just Sayn!!!

  • Ryan LeClair

    If you don’t support legalization, then your mental faculties have been impaired by cognitive dissonance, a state of mind far more inhibiting than cannabis.

  • Mariano Hankibs

    Legalization of marijuana would build our state and also help the ones who need to it for illness I’m all for it..

  • Ronn Dunn

    With all of the different “real” issues we need our Government to decide, legalization of cannabis should not be one of them.

    • Bob

      Of all those “real” issues that the government wants their fingers in, this one would be near the top of my list. Politicians need to decide on something other than new ways to extract money from working folk to hand over to those who don’t.

  • Jerry Boyer

    Increase in revenues through taxation. Reduction in expenditures due to arrests, investigations, incarcerations, and other fees associated with the enforcement of current laws. Jobs, industry, and commerce.

    Less twinkies on store shelves, traffic jams at taco bell, … okay that’s all I have.

  • Ken

    Where is the dislike button on this story? Oh wait there isn’t one. I do not think this is a very good idea at all.
    You all want to make something illegal completely legal, but yet you watch as certain politicians try and take away peoples right to own firearms, and watch as they try to abolish the 2nd Amendment.
    This issue will cause more problems than solve I am afraid.
    Wake up and look at both sides of the story rather than just one side

    • Joe Lewis

      Between a shotgun and a joint, you already know which one will land you in jail, and its not the one that kills people.

      • nowhere_freeway

        where are your stats to back up your BS? i’d like to know how many people are in prison for possession (not selling)?

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Yes, Ken, your observation is true: SMART people see there is no harm in marijuana, and it should be LEGAL but guns KILL and MAIN people, so we need more controls on them than the free-for-all, anything goes mentality promoted by the NRA and followed by our Republicans in the Missouri Congress. Yes, guns are FAR FAR more dangerous than pot, in case you just haven’t figured that out. How many school shootings were related to pot? How many shooting rampages had anything to do with pot? Many had a LOT to do with the gun culture, though (Sandy Hook – Mom was an NRA gun nut, had her son with mental disorders shoot guns as therapy – yeah, right, great idea – dimwits) and ALL involved the LEGAL USE of guns.

      So it’s time for a change. We need and will get more gun regulation. If ya don’t like it, Ken, more to Iraq – you’ll LOVE the gun culture there!

      • Ken

        So please give me one example of the last time that A GUN supposedly killed someone!!!!!
        I don’t think that you will be able to because you IDIOT a gun is an inatemate object, which means that you cannot have a gun function without someone behind it.
        And now your telling me that I am a gun nut because I am a member of the NRA you just showed your true Obama supporting self by showing just how big of an idiot that you are.
        Just because I grew up in the country and have hunted and had guns all of my life putting food on the table for my family. That doesn’t make me want to go on a shooting rampage WHICH COMES FROM SOMEONE THAT ISN’T RIGHT IN THE HEAD. It isn’t the guns fault you put a faulty operator behind the trigger. And you will be the one that tells me that a car is behind every drunk driving death in America yep you are one of a kind thats for sure.
        I will have you know that the NRA teaches more people about Gun Safety and the proper operation of firearms than any other group in the United States.
        You want to talk about facts why don’t you get your facts straight and do as I have done and come with both barrels loaded so to speak. And yes I was trained properly on how to handle firearms. And before you speak another word about moving to another country that has a gun culture.
        Your welcome for picking up a rifle and standing up for your freedom of speach and to be an idiot about it.
        If you want to support a Socialist Dictatorship tell you what I will help you pack your bags so you can move out of my Country where I am free to own a firearm and many if I want.

    • Jerry Boyer

      Leave it to some nutbag…YES I CALLED YOU A NUTBAG….to bring guns into a pot fight. Stay the hell out of my personal choices in life. Whether or not I smoke pot is no one’s business but my own. It will not affect you if I don’t get high. It will not affect you if I do get high.

      And for what it’s worth. I also hunted and shot for sport my entire childhood and support the regulated right to own firearms. And yet here I am, wanting something to be done to stem the senseless amount of gun violence in this nation. Putting more guns out there isn’t the answer.

      • Ken

        Statistics are showing that the more people that have a conceal and carry license and practice THEIR RIGHT to protect themselves that crime has decreased!!!!!!
        Now if you pay any attention at all to the news you see these types of crimes being committed in the inner cities and not in such places as St. Charles, Chesterfield, Kirkwood.And all of these crimes are being committed with guns obtained ILLEGALLY!
        And I am a NUTBAG for voicing my opinion? You must also be an Obama supporter because you think that your opinion is the only correct way and that anyone that goes against you should be persecuted. I am also guessing that you were up in arms over Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty when he made his comments about being against gays.
        You are one of the problems with this country!!!! Not me because I believe in one way and you believe in another.
        This country has gone to hell in a hand basket

      • Jerry Boyer

        No crime in St. Charles, Chesterfield, and Kirkwood? Okay you are officially an idiot. So far your method is simple. Gasbag about how you want to have passionate relations with your guns. Hate anyone who has a different opinion. Accuse them of being Obama supporters. And then cuddle with your guns some more. I’m done with you.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    It’s great to see some laws being created in Missouri by THE PEOPLE, rather than a handful of extremists right-wing kooks passing laws supported by a MINORITY of the people. Like conceal carry. Benefits how many people, less than 1%?? This is how it SHOULD be – laws passed by the MAJORITY of the people, FOR the majority of people.

    The people have spoken!

  • declue72

    legalize i agree 100 % ! revenue, less stressful people, create more jobs and benefits for medical purposes.

  • Jim Flint

    Just one more thing the Illinois residents will come to Missouri for. They already come here for gas, cigarettes, fireworks, and jobs.

  • Immortal Illumined

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

    from 0 states to half the country, from low 20% approval to almost 70%, love and freedom will win, forever

    20 years behind us Missouri, sad and scary…to think cali runs this planet by 2 decades is crazy but true….

    anything passed by the people of MO would be denied by the republiCANTS in charge of the south….freedom takers


  • Jeff

    To hell with all laws! Complete anarchy! I’m totally serious! We go back to being COMPLETELY FREE, and let nature weed the weak out of the equation! Government is only an ideology and/or a philosophy! There is no such thing as right or wrong! I want my freedom from ideologies, philosophies, and human perceptions! Remember, we are nothing more than a surviving biological pack of animals, just like those trying to survive the African wild! We are nothing special!

  • nowhere_freeway

    of course it has not been legal long enough in washington state or colorado to gather stats but what is known is that DUIs are up in WA, and not long back a 2 year old child in colorado ingested a pot laced cookie and was hospitalized. Unintended consequences!!

    • Steve

      There are no perfect laws on this plane of existence. These types of things happened before, they just weren’t held up as “examples” to scrutinize a new law. How many children a year get ahold of alcohol? I completely sympathize with the child, I’m sure that they were pretty freaked out. But that 2 year old would be in far worse danger of bodily damage if she had ingested alcohol.Very few of those who want to justify keeping Weed illegal dare to hold alcohol to the same standards.
      Whoever was in charge of the laced cookies needs to be charged. Society is filled with idiots who can’t seem to be responsible for the well-being of their children. Should we just ban every substance that is dangerous if ingested by children?

    • Amy

      Not sure wht a child would be hospitalized over eating a pot cookie. No damage can be caused from that. AND how did the child have access to it in the first place. Irresponsible parents, kids steal alcohol from parents cabinets and NOBODY is wanting to ban alcohol. Or what about the kids that ACCIDENTALLY take parents meds. All that shit is on the parents. Marijuana does not harm your body

  • Linda Tinnell

    Make it completely legal so the state can package it and tax it and make money. Grow it so we can open jobs, make rope, clothes, shampoo, etc Time for states to make money instead of dealers

  • eadavisblog

    I am not saying that I am for or against, I am still on the fence. However, I think that there are some factors that people are not considering…what happens when these dealers aren’t dealing with marijuana anymore because you can just got buy it legally, what are they going to sell. Now they are not making money from weed so they are going to sell other drugs or increase in crime because now their whole scheme has fallen through. I just do not know that it is a good thing.

  • max

    My old college friend died of cancer. He could get all the morphine and pain killers he wanted….He lost 110/lbs and his hair..He cried most of the time. The only way he could develop his appetite was with marijuana… I really think if he could have had access…He would be alive today. I miss my friend. I do not smoke the stuff, but would vote to legalize without question..IT WORKS.

  • jeremy

    first off guns don’t kill people… people with guns kill people. marijuana is earths gift to man and woman. if all the world leaders would get together and put their guns down and smoke a joint they would be more passive. marijuana is not like meth or crack or alcohol. people who consume alcohol get violent or jump in there car from a bar or liquor store and accidently kill or badly injure people. people who smoke crack look for the next crack head to jump or rob. and people who do meth completely loose there minds they stay awake way too long and black out and don’t know exactly what is going on around them. look at the big picture guys the government has always known that marijuana is not a bad drug it shouldn’t even be categorized as a drug! in other words… its 2014 jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride. LEGALIZE 100%…

  • Amy

    sick peps can make it through kemo an radiation!sales tax can bring this state out of recession! an starving kids will eat more often now that ther parents find a job in the new grow industry!unemployeement will go down which cant hurt the states economy!get real, rite to carry an legal marijuana is perfect for this state! not to mention it will cut off the mexican drug cartels cash crop that is all over missouri! save the state,legal bud an the rite to carry will do this!

  • Montana W

    I would like to vote For full legalization of marijuana. How do I and my wife sign the petition(s), I’m currently in the military so I can’t be in missouri to find a petition before may. I am a resident of the state registered to vote though. If someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated! My email is mwilkins532@yahoo.com. I just need some information on how to do it, all the signatures count!! It would be very relieving if I could come home to my home state after serving to Mary Jane!

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