What’s your eating personality?

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(KTVI) - If you had a cinnamon bun over here and some chips and dip over here, what would you likely go for?  What type of eating personality do you have?
We talked it over with Katie Lambert, a dietician with Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

*Junk Food Eater: You`re someone who craves anything salty, crunchy, or sweet. You also struggle to control snacks and desserts.
The bad: Chips and candy bars
The good: Popcorn, nuts and dried apricots, a Special K protein drink or a Luna Bar

*Food Lover: You`re someone who overeats in social situations like parties. You prefer large variety of health foods, and struggle with portion control. --Consider plans with volume, meaning lots of water and air in the foods you choose.
The bad: An extra-large Cobb salad with all the toppings
The good: Portioned out carrots, celery with some hummus, and an appropriately portioned salad.

*Emotional Eater: You eat when you`re stressed or worried, and struggle to stay in control and not overeat when faced with food.
The bad: Ben and Jerry's ice cream, cake, and cookies

The good: Using things like a Fitbit Flex, a food log, and some apps to keep track like Lose It! and MyFitnessPal

*Mindless Muncher: You`re someone who is always eating, and grazing through the day and night. You often eat without thinking about what you really want, or if you`re even hungry.
The bad: Chips in a large bowl
The good: Chips in a smaller bowl, 100 calorie packs, and a pre-portioned meal like a Healthy Choice meal.

*And always remember no matter what plan you`re using, exercising is also important.