Flag desecration dispute heads to federal court

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(KTVI) – The state of Missouri heads to federal court in St. Louis Thursday morning to appeal a ruling that declared the state’s flag desecration law unconstitutional.

The ACLU sued and won after a Cape Girardeau man was arrested for burning a flag in front of his home.

The Missouri law was overturned based on a U.S. Supreme court ruling that desecrating the flag to express an opinion is protected speech.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    There they go again! There’s those Republican conservative extremists in Missouri, WASTING our precious tax money on a FRIVILOUS lawsuit, wasting judicial time and money just over a phony issue like burning the flag.

    Hey, conservatives, here’s a thought for ya: I’ll burn the American flag whenever I want to, got it?

    It’s called “freedom of speech” and no I’m not intimidating anybody, no it’s not harrassing anybody, and no it’s not threatening anybody, like those anti-abortion perverts do every day. Not the same thing at all. As long as this is on my property, or even public property where it’s not a safety issue, I’ll burn the flag in protest if I want to. Has that freedom sunk in your conservative brains?

    Not only is this a waste, they will certainly LOSE. This was and remains a phony issue, just to get votes from the lost sheep of the lower-class right, so they can cut more taxes for the wealthy. Wouldn’t it be nice if these sheep would wake up and realize that?

  • Buddy

    How about you do us all a favor and move to another country BBTTR? If you don’t like it so much here, quit bitching and leave.

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