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Top 50 list of bed bug infested cities includes 4 Illinois towns

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(KTVI) – Bed bugs are big in Illinois. Pest control company Orkin has released its bed bug cities list. Four Illinois cities made the top 50.

Moline ranked 48th, Peoria and Bloomington 47th, Champaign and Springfield 35th. Chicago was named the most bed-bug infested city.

The rankings were based on the number of bed bug treatments Orkin performed.

See the full list here: Bed Bug Cities List


  • K L

    The cities listed are the ones MOST TREATED for bedbugs. That does not reflect which cities have bedbugs necessarily, just the ones that most often hire someone to treat for bedbugs. It could be that these cities value tourism so much that hotel owners are vigilant in hiring pest control to treat for bedbugs. And how does Orkin repay them for their faithful business? By providing that info to a news station who then accuses them of bedbug infestation. This is not a news story.

  • Dahai Dong

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