Mystery surrounds photo found in stray dog’s collar

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Photo of Soldier (right) and the picture found in his collar (Courtesy: Greenville County Animal Care)

Photo of Soldier (right) and the picture found in his collar (Courtesy: Greenville County Animal Care)

Photo of Soldier (right) and the picture found in his collar (Courtesy: Greenville County Animal Care)

GREENVILLE, SC (WSMV) — Greenville County Animal Care’s Facebook fans are embroiled in a mystery surrounding a photo found in a dog’s collar.

According to the Animal Care’s Facebook page, the 2-year-old pit bull, that has since been named Soldier, was brought in by Animal Control as a stray. According to the page, when workers checked the dog’s collar, they found an old, battered black and white photo of a man.

Animal Care posted a photo of the dog and the photo, and the page’s followers began raising some questions and making some speculations of their own.

Several Facebook users think the man in the photo is holding a knife in his right hand. Some also believe he is holding an animal carcass in his left, based on the comments posted. Others believe the man is merely sitting on a fence or railing of some kind.

The presence and the content of the photo remains a mystery, and Soldier’s future is also uncertain. Animal Care said the dog is one many at the facility in need of adoption. The page says he is healthy and heartworm free.

By Dal Kalsi


  • kathy

    Probably the owner is a middle age women and either that’s her dad or grandfather in the picture. She might of put the picture in his collar to protect him because her dad or grandfather loved dogs. He is sitting on a fence with a smile on his face. And he probably is smiling at all of us trying to figure out who he is.

  • Dawn

    If this picture was in the color then he must belong to someone why is he in the pound and not finding out who the owner is. The owner is would not let this picture go i’m sure. He looks of some importance. The owner may be hurt and this was the only way of getting help.

  • Bradley Hovis

    Now I have probably watched to much TV, but maybe the could pull a print off the picture and track who ever did it down and ask them about the dog and the picture.

  • Angel

    He is setting on a rail at a public building that’s a line of pullers behind him and in the corner a public trash can.

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