Dogs disappearing in northern Missouri town

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ALBANY, MO (KCTV) — Area residents and an Albany, MO, Animal Control officer say they have a problem on their hands. Someone, they say, is stealing dogs off the streets.

“This white van pulled up, grabbed his dog and just took off,” said Albany Animal Control Officer Marsha Adams.

Adams said it’s been happening lately in Albany and other towns nearby. Dogs go missing. People report seeing a white van nearby. They tell Wanda Pickerel, a longtime resident and self-described “local character,” and Pickerel spreads the word.

“There was a little Pom in South Hill and a blue heeler that belonged to Kathy that she never did find. And then there was my neighbor’s beagle,” Pickerel told KCTV5 News.

There are a few success stories. A dog named Prince went missing around Christmas.

“He was in a locked, fenced in yard with a privacy fence. The lock was undone and the gate was left open,” said Marina Beebe, Prince’s owner.

Amazingly, 10 days later, Beebe heard a bark outside her house.

“Went to the door and there he stood, half frozen, very thin, with lacerations all over his neck. His feet were all cut up and so were his paws,” Beebe shared.

It was similar for Amos’ family. He was gone for a week but then made it back with road rash down his back legs.

The owners had a second dog disappear. She has not come back.

“We’re still wondering where she’s at and if she’s OK,” said owner Jessica Raush.

The dog owners said they think someone is stealing the dogs, often purebreds, perhaps to sell, but somehow a couple have managed to escape. They want it to stop.

“Whoever’s doing this knows that these aren’t pets, they’re family members. They need to stop because it does affect us,” Beebe said.

The owners say several of them have reported their missing dogs to police but that investigators have very little to go on.

By Dave Eckert


  • catog

    This is happening all over. I live in a small town in the booth eel and several pure breed dogs have come up missing. People are taking these animals for evil purposes and they need to be stopped.

  • stehanie

    I live in st.clair mo which is also a small town. My two dogs went missing as well many others with in just a few miles I belive I have pics of this van. Visit Franklin county lost and found pets on Facebook

  • Brenda

    This must be the same white van seen in several different counties we had dogs go missing 2 years ago and a white van was seen in the vicinity of where our dogs and neighbor dogs went missing

  • Sophie Katt

    The dogs are used for testing. They are sold to Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic labs for testing, and what happens after that to your furry little friend is so horrific that you would not wish it upon your worst enemy.

    These dogs have already been locked in a cage in a lab.

    Their vocal cords are removed so they won’t bark.

    Then various substances, drugs, cosmetics and household products are squirted into the animal’s eyes, ears, and mouths. The resulting pain levels, inflammation, tissue destruction and scarring, are documented to the satisfy FDA standards. After that, the animals are killed and their bodies incinerated. Sometimes they are sold for pet food.

    You will never see your dogs again, sorry to tell you.

    Do you want it to stop? Do you want your pets to be safe? Then INSIST on “Cruelty-Free” products.

    Don’t buy products that don’t have “Cruelty-Free” on their labels.

    If you do, then you can guarantee that someone’s furry little friend died a slow, agonizingly painful, tortuous death.

    But hey, don’t worry about it as long as you can buy cheap mascara and mouthwash, toothpaste and athlete’s foot spray it’s all good, right?

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