Video: Worst St. Louis 2013 crashes captured by red light cameras

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The company behind St. Louis’ red light camera tickets has released a video compilation of the worst crashes in 2013. American Traffic Solutions monitors intersections in town with video cameras. The company documents every accident and moving violation. This video is their collection of the worst accidents in St. Louis over the past year.

American Traffic Solutions also collects data on area accidents and code violations. They say that drivers are becoming accustomed to the red light ticket system. As a result, the amount of red-light running violations is down over the past year. The company also says that the number of repeat offenders is down. A release from ATS states, “Eighty four percent (84%) of the vehicle owners who received and paid one red-light running citation since the program started in May 2007 never received another citation.”

The average number of citations issued per camera per month is down 60% in the six years since the cameras were first installed.


    • Brian Ceccarelli

      STL . . . it looks that way to the untrained eye. But look what is beyond the traffic intersection. A driver’s attention to the road in front of him is decreased by the information garbage in the background. Traffic engineers call the informations surrounding the intersection “information bits”. The more bits, the more the bits mask the signal light itself. It is a well-known problem in intersection design. The engineer who erected these signals fails.

      To remedy the problem, traffic engineers erect traffic signals with larger faces (larger bulbs) and larger background plates. The larger background plates give the signal faces contrast so that the driver can easily pick them out from a distance. The traffic signal heads are the old cheap style. They are small. They have been obsolete for these kinds of intersections for a decade or more.

      The reason why the RLCs are at these intersections is because of traffic engineering failures, not because of drivers get spontaneous suicide complexes at specific intersections.

      Does your behavior change from one intersection to another? Would you pay attention more to these intersections than others? Or do you have a suicide complex localized to specific intersections?

  • DJ

    “Eighty four percent (84%) of the vehicle owners who received and paid one red-light running citation since the program started in May 2007 never received another citation.”

    This is what the program is all about.

    • Brian Ceccarelli

      The City of Wilmington, NC just notified me an hour ago that ATS refuses to make public its red light camera. Do you trust the make-a-fortune-from-each ticket ATS to tell you the truth?

      Redflex, once-vendor for the Town of Cary, NC has in fact released its raw red light camera data. I know from Cary’s data that ATS has told you a statistical lie. You bought it hook, line and sinker.

      From 8 years of data, I know this:

      1. The frequency of a person running a red light at an intersection depends on how frequently the driver traverses that intersection. The poorer the intersection design, the more frequently a driver will inadverently run the red light.

      2. Red light camera play a game of cards. At a single table, the house is the red light camera and the other players are millions of drivers. Only the house wins. By the laws of probability, it takes about 10 years for a single driver to run a red light twice at the same intersection.

      3. The changing behavior ATS totes is a false representation of reality. If those original 84% are still traversing the intersection, then it about 3 more years of data, ATS’s conclusion is null and void.

      4. Many people who get a red light camera ticket are just passing through town. For example in Knightdale, NC, about 50% of the drivers are truckers and have zip codes outside of Knightdale. These drivers never get ticketted twice because they only pass through town once.

      5. Once a driver gets red light camera ticket and he used to routinely pass this intersection, he now will avoid the intersection an opt for an alternate route.

    • Dave

      If these are the “worst” crashes, than I am led to believe that either the camera’s aren’t capturing very many crashes, or that we are doing very well as drivers.

  • Doris Borgelt

    No DJ, the program is all about making money. No thought to safety. If it were about safety, they would implement true safety measures. If they do that, the red light cameras cannot support their existence, hence the reason no true safety measures (that would be anything that makes the intersection safer, like timing yellow lights properly and implementing an all red period to insure a clear intersection)are implemented on intersections equipped with red light cameras. When the aforementioned true safety measures are implemented, the cameras are removed as they no longer generate the desired income.

  • wrongonred

    American Traffic Solutions appears to have sent out their annual propaganda press release today. The irony is that all this really is, is video evidence that Red Light Cameras do not work. Not a single one of these accidents was prevented by them. These drivers are all clearly intoxicated, not paying attention, or fleeing law enforcement, they are not people who while following other traffic laws decided to intentionally run a red light.

  • houndpup

    I am so glad that cities have red light cameras. They have captured accidents, speeders, and drivers that just don’t obey the law. Truly an asset to communities.

  • LW

    Way to not take responsibility for one’s own actions. You’re supposed to stop at a red light. None of those people even hit the brakes. My bet is they were texting or drinking or both. And, it even looks like some of them don’t even stop AFTER they hit someone.

    • wrongonred

      Because in many of the cases, they were fleeing law enforcement. They do not show you the video long enough to see the pursuit. The others were clearly individuals who we not paying attention, or otherwise distracted. The commonality of all of these is that the cameras did not prevent any of these. How again are they effective?

  • chad

    They are purely money makers for the company and the city. I got a ticket for making a legal right on red. The camera cant reason or think so wham a ticket came in the mail and straight into the trash it went. That was 2 years ago. Havent gotten one since and if I did back to the trash it would go.

  • redlightscam

    Funny, none of those were caused by a driver making a right hand stop and yielding instead of making a complete stop. That is how I got both my tickets…smh

  • gary

    If you want to use these camera’s for accidents and who was right and who was wrong? GREAT!!!!!!!! Just because I make a right turn with out and I will say, not coming to a complete stop but slowing down to see that there is no traffic coming and no one around, I call BS. Kinda curious, how many cops have been cited for the same violations we get? And I mean in their patrol cars or official vehicles!!!! Police will use judgement at intersections if they feel you are not causing a major violation, they move on to better things. I know, I had one a light and did the slow down almost stop move. No harm no foul ,as I said,he saw it but because there was no one coming, no getting pulled over. If that was a red light camera? $100.00 in the mail. Again,I call BS.

  • bob

    Funny how none of these accidents show cars slowing down, but rolling a right turn on red, yet they continue to hand out camera tickets for the offense based on the “safety” reasoning.

  • bob

    Can we assume that every car involved in these accidents has been properly ticketed and located? I highly doubt it.

  • Marcel

    most of those MVA’s in the propaganda video, it wouldnt have made a difference if there was a camera there or not. if a thug is going to ignore the red light cause he’s either fleeing another thug or just plain dont care, what makes you think just because theres a camera there he will obey the light ??

    and the very few others, if they didnt see the light turn red, what makes you think they saw the sign posted about the cameras.

    pure money grabbing is all it is. who’s the wife of a Slay appointee who works for ATS ? i forget her name

  • Patty O Furniture

    Until there is a definitive answer regarding the legality of these citations, the vast majority of people will not pay them. Given the minor win for the residents of Arnold (MO) a month ago, where this program started in Missouri, there is just no incentive to literally give a corrupt city more of your money. It’s a get rich semi-quick scheme, and it’s time is already nearly over. The fact that so many people with ties to the leadership of this region have their hands in the cookie jar simply makes it easier to ignore the citations.


    When will the city and county (St Louis) go to the effort to time lights so that after waiting for one light to turn green, the next one down the road does not turn red as you get to it?
    I had a good car wrecked due to that very situation. I started at the green, the next one turned red 50 ft in front of me. I stopped but the car behind me didn’t. I would have been better off running the light and taking a ticket. Instead I lost an expensive car.
    It is just another was the cities steal money from the motorist. Use the cameras to document accidents if/when they happen. MODOT, IDOT, and the cities, TIME YOUR LIGHTS!

  • skoonix

    I am stunned by most of these posts – whether these camera PREVENT anything or not – the video proves how many truly awful and incompetent drivers there are. These are people who are texting, changing CDs, etc. But at least there’s evidence that they are AT FAULT as opposed to how people will deny that the light was red when they barreled through it. IMO, they make it too easy to GET a license and KEEP a license.

  • newromesucks

    If you’re so SIDETRACKED, STUPID, STONED, SLOSHED, or SENILE as to run a red light like that, how is the presence or absence of a camera going to stop you? Why doesn’t ATS show the majority of “violations” captured…split second early red infractions, or slow right turns on red?

  • c

    “The average number of citations issued per camera per month is down 60% in the six years since the cameras were first installed.”

    Maybe they’re avoiding those intersections.

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