Your pot or your gun? Medical marijuana smokers may have to choose

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(KTVI) - Illinois' new medical marijuana law is a four-year pilot project with some of the nation's strictest standards.  So how will it be regulated?  Here's a first look:

Patients would pay to be fingerprinted for a background check, plus pay a $150 a year fee to apply for a photo ID.  Under the proposal, they would also give up the right to own a weapon and that's very controversial.

Opponents say it conflicts with U.S. Constitutional rights.   These regulations are the first draft.  The Illinois Department of Public Health will also collect public input until February 7th.

Some cancer patients as well as the terminally ill find the proposed free too high since it's not covered by insurance, but the St. Clair County Sheriff, Rick Watson, claims a law like this needs to be strict.

"You gotta start them out strict," Watson said. "You can lighten them up later but do it the strictest way that you can and you don't have to come back and enforce them later on."

Illinois patients could also qualify to buy marijuana for more than 40 medical conditions.  Last names that begin with A through L could submit an application in September or October.  M through Z could submit in November or December.

Illinois regulations make it clear that you will need to decide between your pot or your gun.  They remind citizens that marijuana possession is still prohibited by federal law. With this being legal pot possession, the courts will need to reconcile this.

Anyone who is interested can take a look at a list of the rules at

There is an email address for anyone who has comments and you can submit those to


  • Adama

    So the lawmakers need to change the law the way THEY want it written to the way WE THE PEOPLE want it written. The lawmakers of this country forget very quickly that we are the boss, and we are over them. We should have the ability to vote on how these laws are made. I say if they keep this proposal then WE need to have say in how much money they make, since after all we are the ones footing the bill.

    • @LaughinPaulRyan

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  • me

    I think pot should stay illegal !!! i dont support it for any reason at all .. so glad i dont live there or Colorad! And I think it is a good idea you choose either pot or a gun , sorry but to many incidents happening because a individual is high on something and end up killing a innocent person !

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Wrong. Name ONE – just ONE – major shooting in the last 10 years where the shooter was “high on pot”. Or really high on anything. However, MOST of these shooters come from gun culture backgrounds, including the Sandy Hook shooter who had mental disabilities but his mom thought it a great idea to have him use guns. Between the two, I’d say we’d be better off with guns illegal, but I also don’t agree with that, so they should BOTH be LEGAL – if one is okay, then the other is okay, and you have to accept that in a free society. Or more to Iraq, where they have plenty of guns but they behead those who do drugs or alcohol. Wanna be just like them?

    • Norman Gooding

      Why illegal?
      They are not making it mandatory,,are you happy with how the government has stopped drugs like they have promised us 3 or 4 times in the last 4 decades and you don’t want anyone to start smoking pot in IL since nobody does now because the government is stopping those drugs or is it that you make your living off of prohibition?

    • Dave

      Are you really this stupid? Prohibition doesn’t work and your ridiculous comment of high people out shooting people sounds like you’ve watched “Reefer Madness” too many times.

      Legalize it, don’t criticize it. Pass it on

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    So, it’s okay to be drunk and own a militia’s worth of stashed military weapons, but not to smoke pot? Sounds like the rednecks are still in control, even over in Illinois. Yee-haw!

    All I know is if it’s legal to consume alcohol and own or carry guns, then it should be legal to smoke pot and own or carry guns. Simple as that.

    Quite frankly I’m tired of this assumption – again among the MINORITY – that smoking pot is somehow worse or more dangerous than drinking alcohol. Folks who believe that must be drinkin’ too much! Or are easily brainwashed – or both!

  • Norman Gooding

    In a sane world,,once the decision was made that any substance was a medicine doctors would make the decision on how and who would use the medicine.

    My wife woke up ill this morning. At first I was suspicious that she was just malingering but after she convinced me that she’s really very ill by exhibiting actual symptoms of being ill. I said that I was really worried, and asked her if she wanted me to call a politician in for a medical consultation. But she’s still not sold on the assertion that politicians are better qualified to practice medicine and insisted on seeing an M.D. Women!
    Now I’m going to have to lobby her to at least get a second opinion from a politician. Even if they can’t cure her, they can at least pass a law which would do so. I may have to put my foot down and insist. After all, it’s for her own good.
    But seriously, what about the children? What kind of message does it send the children if she lallygags and acts like a layabout all day without consulting a politician? Doesn’t anyone care about the children? Duncan

    “If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we
    are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.” -JOE ROGAN

  • Nook L

    Anyways….ok…..guess I’ll keep my gun legitimately…..and just buy from the ppl who are going to be getting it medicinally….(Black Market)……so….good luck with that one…..whats the point..

  • Debra Miller

    Medication is for pain my gun is to keep me alive. They are trying everything to get our guns and take over our country. Because its a well known fact the only way they can take over is with in our country. They have already tried it or have you forgotten. REMEMBER UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL…. DON’T LET THIS ENEMY WIN THEY ARE TRYING EVERYTHING.

  • Dan G.

    they are already breaking one federal law, now they propose breaking another federal law to impose the first one…..welcome to illinois

  • Dawn

    They can legalize it or keep it illegal, I don’t care. I had cancer I know why cancer patients smoke it. Alcohol is much more dangerous, but either way………they will not get my guns, I don’t care what laws they pass. I’m not a criminal and I will not be left defenseless against the criminals.

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