Coca Cola closing Maryland Heights bottling plant; 102 jobs in jeopardy

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) – Coca Cola intends to shut down its Maryland Heights bottling facility by March 28 2014. The plant currently employs 102 people and all will be displaced by this move.

City officials tell FOX 2 News that Coca Cola told the city it was consolidating its operations in the area and that necessitated the Maryland Heights move. The plant is located at 78 Progress Parkway in Maryland Heights.

Fox 2 has left messages for Coca Cola officials but has not received any comment from the company. It remains unclear if the 102 employees will be absorbed into other plants in the area or will be out of work.



    I don’t know how people can drink that sugar water that is laden with chemicals that affect your body negatively!

  • Al Logan

    I work’d at diz’ plant fo’..3 mos..da’ workers was very nice to me,I was in’one..pitched in to help me.I was trained on fillers.1,2,3, and 4
    I worked on line 1 depal,..line 1denexter..da’ hi-cone mac.line 1empties.
    Material handler..for line 2 and 3..pulled product off..line 1,2,3,4.
    Loaded product..on trucks..and warehouse.baled plastic,baled cardboard
    Recycled plastic and cans.worked in da’ sanitation department. I started July 1,2013-Oct.1,2013..dey’ laid me off.I thank dem’ fo’ giving me a chance der’..I was from Wonder Bread Hostess..Now..I’m at Boeing.I’1..well and Jesus bless all 102 employees.. Keep yo’ heads up.its gonna b all right.

  • t

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