Robotic gas pumps will likely come to St. Louis

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PACIFIC, MO (KTVI)-- If you don`t like getting out of your car to pump gas, then the future looks bright for you.  That`s because robotic gas pumps could be around the corner in St. Louis.  Husky Corporation ( in Pacific, Mo showed us a robotic pump the company helped developed.

"We already have drive-thru McDonalds, drive-thru banks and drive-thru car washes," said Husky executive Brad Baker.  He predicts consumers will be eager to use drive-thru gas pumps.  Baker believes the product will be ready for regulatory testing in about nine months.

Baker said Husky partnered with Swedish company, Fuelmatics Systems, to create the pump.  Infra-red lights and cameras locate the fuel door.  An arm with a suction cup opens the fuel door.  A nozzle then extends into the fuel tank and releases the desired amount of fuel.  Once the tank is full, the nozzle returns to the pump.

The plan is for consumers to pay and make fuel choice selections on a drive-up screen.  Baker compared it to the screens at many automated car washes.   He also predicts a phone app will be developed to allow customers to pay from their cell phone.   He predicts the product will be popular because it`s quicker than manually pumping gas.  Weather is also expected to be a factor.

"I think it`s going to have an appeal in Northern regions, especially where weather is really bad," said Baker.

The pumps cost $50,000 each.   Baker predicts station owners would charge more for the convenience.    The pumps are compatible with autos without the gas caps that screw off and on.  He said consumers with those types of caps can purchase an adapter for about $5.

He predicts the product will be sold to St. Louis area gas stations first and will then spread to other parts of the country.  Baker says the product will be manufactured at the company`s plant in Pacific.

The company recently showcased the product at a trade show.

Baker said gas station owners were extremely interested.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Another product that just proves how HARD Americans like to work. Don’t get out of your car to pump gas – WAY too much work – phew! Just wanna get my gas pumped for me and get home quick so I can check my daily inherited investment income.

    • Good Guy

      It was designed by a Swedish company…….. Learn to read.

      “…partnered with Swedish company, Fuelmatics Systems, to create the pump”

  • Bill Smith

    Take a not all you fast food worker bitching about minimum wage – if they can make this, they can make a machine that flips burgers too.

    • Bob

      Actually, they don’t flip burgers anymore, the machine cooks both sides at the same time. They do have to remove the burgers from the grill to the warming bin, though. If anyone thinks that is worth $15 an hour, they’ve made some bad career planning decisions.

  • mkomadina2013

    This is a great idea, they just don’t take it far enough. They need a mobile tanker that can refuel my car as I’m driving down the highway. Like they refuel jets! I don’t want to have to stop, much less get out and pump my own gas.

  • Tony G.

    Actually, nobody is reading far enough into this.

    This is what they need when self-driving robotic cars are commonplace.

    People will stop buying cars because it will be unnecessary when a service can send the car to you like a cab.

    The robot cars will need a robot gas pump.

    Robot cars will be another way for the populace to be controlled. The car will come when they are ready, certain environmental considerations will curtail usage at certain times. Surcharges will be applied to extended use.

    Google and the gov’t will know where you go, who you go with, NSA programs will analyze the conversations in the cars for subversive keywords, the passenger cam will record your every action.

    2nd gen cars won’t even have driver controls.

    Just bags of meat shuttling to and fro, and diverted to the reeducation center when you discuss how the government is destroying freedom.

  • Tony G.

    And the pricing of the car use won’t be cheaper, BTW, the loss of revenue from speeding tickets, parking fines, etc, will just become part of the pricing scheme of the car rental.

    speed limits will be irrelevant, stop lights will go away.

    and the cars will dutifully pull over to allow our betters to pass by at high speed in their private robot cars.

  • ben mott

    If you get out of your car at a fueling station with one of these pumps, do not bend over to pick up your keys if you drop them.

  • Transcender

    This isn’t going to work at all in the present day with regular cars, vans and trucks. Most of the vehicles have locked gas caps, and the ones who didn’t originally have them, have purchased locking gas caps – with their own key – because of the prevalence of thieves siphoning and stealing gas. So, those robots aren’t going to be able to use the locked caps, UNLESS the driver GETS OUT and unlocks it. :)

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