Could Justin Bieber be deported?

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(KTVI) – Could Justin Bieber be deported?  The pop star is out of jail after being pulled over for allegedly drag racing and driving under the influence, but his troubles aren’t over yet.

There’s a possibility that immigration officials could send Bieber back to Canada where he was born.  Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami Beach.

He’s also under investigation in Los Angeles where a neighbor is accusing him of throwing eggs at his house and causing $20,000 worth of damage.

A petition is already circulating on by folks who would like to see Bieber sent back to Canada.


  • Curmudgeon

    Reblogged on …… oh wait a minute, the story isn’t a blog, so I guess I’m not reblogging. If I remember right, in the “Terms of Service”, it told me this was a copyrighted article, so I guess I’m not going to violate someone elses rights, while waving the flag claiming the rights I’m entited to.

  • Julia Bowen

    Send him back. If he can’t act right in this country and thinks because of his money he can destroy other people’s property and place lives in danger then we don’t need him here. We have enough idiots that were born here, we don’t need to import them!

  • Shawna

    MY OPINION- he isn’t any worse than other Canadians that have moved to USA, only reason, I mean no he shouldn’t be doing what he done but just like the rest of ppl that come to this country NOT EVERYONES PERFECT. Bieber u have my vote to stay here. U broke the law….everyone does. Wish u the best. God bless everyone.!

  • iHATEidiotGAYS

    This loser can go be an idiot loser in his OWN country. If he was Mexican or something, people would be saying to deport him asap, just like with all those other Mexicans and Indian people stinking up this country.

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