Thieves hit nearly two dozen cars in Ballwin

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BALLWIN, MO (KTVI) – Ballwin Police reported more than 20 car break-ins in the last week.  Many of them were near Twigwood and Turfwood Drives.

Police said the thieves were not just looking for unlocked vehicles.  The suspects apparently broke out windows to get wallets, ammunition and electronic devices.

There are no suspects at this time.  Still officers urged residents to store valuables inside their homes, not in their vehicles.


  • bubba

    If you haven’t learned your lesson by now on leaving valuables in your car you will never learn. You can’t train stupidity.

  • Julie Koncki

    Same happened to us! Our 2 vehicle were gotten into and left very messy. Fortunately we had no valuables in the cars. Except for garage door openers– tip: remove garage door opener if your vehicle is parked outside of your garage.

  • Mike

    Ballwin has a police officer for about every 5 residents. How could they, in such a low crime area, not catch a thief that has struck 20 times in a week? More than likely because the vast majority of their assignments are to follow drivers around and pull them over for any and every infraction. I lived in Ballwin for 8 years and had my car AND house vandalized without any real effort from police to find the perpetrator. Yet I have been pulled over about 5 times for incredibly minor infractions. It wasn’t until I moved from Ballwin that I realized just how much they harass their residents on the road and care little about actual police work. Hopefully this is only my experience and not everyone’s.

  • Leon McKinney

    Mike’s comments about Ballwin Police are spot-on, in my opinion. Before I moved to LA after college, I lived in and droved around Ballwin for years from 1976-1982, and it was common folk wisdom that “Ballwin cops are a–holes”. I moved back here from LA in 1997 and was told nothing had changed. My wife and I both got a–hole tickets within about 2-3 years after moving back. Mine was because I didn’t come to a complete stop at a 4-way stop where there were no other vehicles either at the intersection or even approaching; so I did a “rolling-stop” where I slowed to about 1-2 mph and then went thru the intersection. I even saw the Ballwin cop parked on the side of the cross-street to my right, but I thought I was okay. Wrong! Ticket!
    In fairness to Ballwin cops, they can’t be everywhere to stop crime, but they do themselves zero favors by creating the overwhelming impression they care more about generating ticket revenue (which everyone knows, no matter what shell games the city plays, at least partially goes into their pay packets).

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