Creve Coeur City Council re-examines ordinance against drive thrus

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CREVE COEUR, MO (KTVI) - Discussion continued Monday night on two polarizing issues at the Creve Coeur City Council meeting: whether to change trash pick-up policy, and allow more drive-thru restaurants.

The trash issue came to a head because the city’s trash contract expires this summer. Right now, trash is picked up at people’s garage doors, which some refer to as valet service. But the city has been discussing changing that to curbside pickup, which upset several residents. But at Monday’s meeting, a compromise may have been reached.

With this new plan, the city would accept a new trash pickup contract with standard curbside pickup, but residents could opt-in for valet service which the city would pay for. At the same time, the city would educate residents on the financial and environmental benefits of curbside pickup.

This plan would save roughly $250,000, and the hope is that fewer people would opt in for valet service as time goes on. Creve Coeur Mayor Barry Glantz says, “We need to decide what the city is going to look like, the quality of life we’re going to have in the future, and I think we can do a better job than just saying there’s got to be valet at the rear of the house, or there’s got to be curbside.”

This plan would also take care of the elderly and disabled who need valet service. The city council will continue to discuss the proposal at their next meeting on February 10th.

Also to be discussed and voted on at that meeting will be an amendment to the city’s drive-thru ordinance, which could enable Panera Bread to put a drive-thru at its New Ballas Road location. Right now, the city has only one drive-thru, a McDonald’s grandfathered in before a more restrictive ordinance was created.

Regardless of whether this drive-thru will ultimately go through, it’s likely the issue will remain in discussion for some time. Creve Coeur Community Development Director Paul Langdon explains, “Essentially, the issue of drive-thru’s is much larger than the question that’s being asked now. It’s a whole character of the city issue, and we certainly raised that issue for the Planning Commission to be thinking in terms of the larger picture.”

Panera drive-thru up for debate in Creve Coeur

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