Propane shortage raising rates for Missouri customers

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PACIFIC, MO (KTVI)-- Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Monday declared a state of emergency and a Missouri state senator demanded an investigation over propane prices and supplies.

Propane is in short supply and the price is skyrocketing.

For thousands of people in rural areas that means either pay a fortune or not be able to heat your home.

Propane prices have doubled even tripled in some areas. Some regions are short of propane.  Add the brutal cold, and that can be a critical situation.

Catherine Rankovic's converted cabin near Pacific is heated with propane.

Assuming you can call 59 degrees heated.  The soaring price has caused her to cut back.

And while prices are up, supply is way down. There are several reasons for higher prices and lower supply.

A brutally cold winter, the repair shutdown of a major propane pipeline from Canada, the use of propane heaters by farmers last fall to dry out a soaked harvest.

Back at Catherine Rankovic's she says she tried to order more propane.

Her supplier is Valley's Park's Geldback Petroleum. They told us they couldn't talk to us and gave us a corporate phone number in Pennsylvania, since Geldback is now owned by the Amerigas Conglomorate near Philadelphia. We asked them about refusing to deliver Catherine Rankovic less than 200 gallons:

Is this a policy that you guys have started, that you only taker minimum orders of large amounts?

They told usand Catherine that is not their policyand it would be taken care of.

The good news? Catherine Rankovic will probably get the propane she ordered.

The bad news? It'll cost three times what it did last winter.

So when might the supply squeeze end?  When the weather gets warmer, and homeowners don't need the supply anymore.  And the price? Analysts say it'll come down, but they don't know when or how much.


  • Sally

    Just like everything else wants it goes up it only comes back down alittle and they still make a great profit. I see alot of people going to electric heat. I am already checking into it now. Goodbye propane. Everyone else should to. Do it now before the masses leave propane and the heating and cooling companies start raising the cost of the furnaces because of the new customers they will have that leave propane behind.

  • bob

    The good news is when it hits 80 in April they will lower price back down!! Too bad we dont need much then. (Thats how they do it. And ohh it got cold” screw them they knew cold was coming. Wierd when its real hot we dont run out of soda n beer!! Wierd how that is huh. But gas, ” run it down WE’LL JACK IT UP!!

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