No disciplinary action planned for U of I students who spewed racist remarks on Twitter

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CHAMPAIGN, IL (KTVI) - A University of Illinois spokesperson says there is no disciplinary action planned for students who posted racist and sexist comments about the University's chancellor Sunday night and Monday morning.

It all happened after Chancellor Phyllis Wise sent a mass not Sunday explaining that classes would remain in session on Monday, despite the frigid temperatures.

Mass Mail

Some students did not take the news well and lashed out at the chancellor on Twitter.   They used the hashtag #F***Phyllis to make racist and sexist remarks about the chancellor who is of Asian decent.

@chippendaly tweeted: "Phyllis Wise the Kim Jong Un of chancellors."

@Kelsbear9 tweeted: "In a room with Phyllis Wise, Adolf Hitler, and a gun with one bullet. Who do I shoot?"

@hailycookk tweeted: "I hop you slip on ice and break a hip"

@narcoleptic_eel tweeted: Yo Phyllis, if people die, that's on you"

Many of those posts were captured by a BuzzFeed article and went from bad to worse.  Some student made meme pictures of the chancellor mocking her Asian heritage.

Then, there was a Twitter account created called @ChanPhyllisWise.  The account was shut down by Monday morning.

twitter acount created

But not all the comments were bad.  Other students came to the chancellor's defense calling the #F***Phyllis hashtag juvenile, irresponsible and an embarrassment to the University.

@Kinzak89 tweeted:  "These #f***phyllis tweets are ridiculously embarrassing. What makes me cringe even more is when the brown kids write racist tweets."

@amandajp801 tweeted: "The fact that people think this is okay is despicable."

@GrimalkinRN tweeted: "I agree it sucks going to class when it's freezing. Be an adult. Stay home if it's safer, but don't make racial slurs"

AlsoSunday night, a, petition was created to cancel Monday's classes.  More than 8,500 signatures had been collected by Monday morning.


      • Pete

        I read all the tweets. There is not one racial slur. You do not know what a racial slur is.
        The fact is the tweets were extremely vulgar and sexist.
        You insensitive liberal dumb downs are extremely bigoted in your knowledge of racism.

    • Retort

      ‘Asians and women aren’t responsible for their actions’ – that’s not racist? Then what is? Is this racist? ‘White men aren’t responsible for their actions.’ According to your analysis, it is not racist or discriminatory.

  • Pat

    This is just crazy. These are people are in college…should they not be acting more adult-like at this point? Sounds like spoiled brats who didn’t get their way, so they stomped their feet, so to speak. What is this world coming to…GROW UP!

    • Todd Schisler

      Imagine if they were goingto UM of Duluth. They should be attending University of Phoenix. Seems more appropriate…

  • Eric

    As a U of I alum, I am deeply embarrassed by some of the comments by students. The campus always felt like its own community when I was there. This incident makes me hope that these are just isolated idiots like in any other community. These spoiled, inconsiderate students do not represent the great University of Illinois that I remember. If I could, I would love to personally apologize to Dr. Wise.

  • Emma

    There are more than 40,000 students that attend this school. Maybe ~50 people made comments like the ones above. Yes some were racist and sexist but that is less than 1% of the students. What these select few did was wrong but it’s unfair to judge the whole student population from the words of a very very small minority.

    • RC

      I agree with you Emma. However, it’s disappointing that students so “bright” can be so “dumb”. I’m a U of I alum and I mean that with every fiber of my being. The tweets, Facebook status updates, etc can all be tracked and they should be investigated and the students responsible should be penalized, if appropriate. I personally know Phyllis and she’s as sweet as can be. This type of thing is unfortunate. Very unfortunate,

      • Mike

        RC, I am not in agreement that those few that posted the hateful comments should be punished. The First Amendment does protect free speech (however immature & unwarranted it may be); I would be more in favor of publicly posting the names of those students in some sort of campus publication so they can no longer hide behind their keyboards & other internet-ready devices.

    • Dan

      Well thank %^&* you aren’t in charge. Oh dear, words… wah wah. The only real adult between the situation, the tweets and this commet sectiois Phyllis.

  • Addison Winslow

    Wow, in high school we never did stuff like this when the superintendent didn’t cancel classes on a bad day, and we were forced to go to school then. The beauty of college is that if you don’t want to go to class, then don’t. Creating a Twitter account and making insulting remarks and threats about a person is just tasteless and mean. Every threatening tweet needs to be identified and action taken against the poster. Not cool.

  • Ann Smith

    If you read the entire article on Buzzfeed, you will see that some of the tweets were undeniably racist and sexist. If you also click on the links of these students’ Twitter accounts, you will see that they have since completely deleted their accounts or set them to private (surprise, surprise). I work in higher education and this article made it’s way through our department as a reminder to students of how NOT to behave. It is childish, rude, and permanent. In this day and age, I do not understand how these bright young college students do not understand that there are consequences for their actions. In the hiring process, after we review a resume the next thing that is reviewed is the applicant’s social media webpages. People just don’t think these days and it is a shame!

  • John Smith

    My favorite part of the article was when it quotes this in defense of “not all tweets were bad”:

    @Kinzak89 tweeted: “These #f***phyllis tweets are ridiculously embarrassing. What makes me cringe even more is when the brown kids write racist tweets.”

    Am I the only one who sees this as racist??

    • Jim

      yes. john. you are, as a matter of fact. people like you are what is wrong with the world. your the kind of people we are trying to find and remove from this country. stop trying to find a charity case for yourself when someone mentions your skin color. u no like racist people? go somewhere else

  • Kayla Meisner

    I am a current student at the University of Illinois and this makes me sad. Yes I was upset that we didn’t get a snow day, but I went to class like any normal day. Just because some students make these tweets and facebook posts does not mean we are all like that. This gives us all a bad name and makes our University look horrible!

  • Mom of a 2012 Grad

    Wow. I can say that I am NOT surprised by this. The older I get the more immature and “Me Me Me” the younger generations are.
    Grow Up, put on your big person panties that your parents paid for and act like a nice person!!!

  • Renee Benson

    I can’t believe they are not going to be punished in any way. Everyone who posted racist or sexist comments should be kicked out of school and have ALL current and future student aid pulled! I do not want my tax money supporting these knuckle heads in any way shape or form!

  • James

    @Jim… What do you mean? “people like you are what is wrong with the world. your the kind of people we are trying to find and remove from this country.” Who died and made you Master of the Universe? You are trying to find people and “remove” them… Man please, You are a JOKE, and a bad one at that. You aren’t removing JACK SQUAT!

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