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Advertisers targeting women during Super Bowl

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Men and women like watching the Super Bowl but apparently more women are interested in the ads.

A recent Gravity Six Alliance poll found that 67 percent of female viewers are watching the ad's compared to 44-percent of male viewers. 

If you ask any woman, especially in St. Louis did you see the Budweiser commercial with the little Budweiser Clydesdale with his trainer then he grows up and then he visits the Clydesdale all grown up in Chicago, a lot of women will admit that made their heart melt, and advertisers are taking notice.

It was a proud moment for St. Louis on America’s most publicized stage.

A lot of people fell in love with Stan the baby Clydesdale, and now companies are targeting the female audience.

Metro Imaging is a St. Louis based company that specializes in friendly outpatient care that offers MRI's, CT Scans, mammograms, x-rays as well as other services. They ran a commercial three years ago just before kickoff and had huge success with the feedback that they decided to run another 30 second commercial right before kickoff this year.

President of Geile/Leon Market Tim Leon also said that they wanted to come up with a creative way to target women and because they loved to shop this was a creative way to bring the two together. Shopping on line and making an informed decision. Also, you would think this commercial would cost millions of dollars but it doesn’t because it airs right before kickoff and Leon hopes it's a great success like it was three years ago.