Four-year-old ends up in ER after receiving drugged treats in mail

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-- A Jefferson County family wants to know how a package laced with a mind altering drug ended up addressed to their 4-year-old daughter.  Christine Braun and her daughter spent Monday night at St. Anthony`s Medical Center, after they ate treats from the package.

"I could not feel my body," said Braun.

She had just recently received a package with birthday gifts from a relative in San Clemente, California.  The second package arrived a few days later.  It was also mailed from San Clemente.   Braun assumed it was another gift.  She ate a mini-muffin, and her daughter ate a star shaped candy from the package.

She and her daughter started feeling ill.  The family called 911 and an ambulance took Braun and her daughter to St. Anthony`s.  "I kept having sensations that I went to the bathroom on myself.  I kept having sensations that my blood was really thick, and the skin was going to break," she said.

Braun said it took about five hours before she started to feel normal.  Doctors told her she and her daughter tested positive for highly concentrated levels of THC, the mind altering substance in marijuana.  Braun turned the package and the rest of the treats over to police.  Jefferson County authorities have taken those items to a crime lab for analysis.

"The fact that it was addressed to my four-year-old daughter is what scares me," said Braun. "I don`t want this to happen to somebody else."


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