Illinois Vehicle Emissions Testing Program getting complaints from residents

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(KTVI)-- The You Paid For It Team is investigating the Illinois Vehicle Emissions Testing Program after getting complaints from residents. Now a state legislator says he's ready to introduce a measure to try to change the current program that requires residents to travel miles out of their way to get the emissions test.

Residents have to get their vehicles emission tested as part of the states clean air effort.

Illinois pays a contractor $13.9 million a year to operate testing stations, and they license a limited number of other shops.

The program in the Metro East area has only 7 locations to test cars in St Clair County, Madison County, and parts of Monroe County.

Residents say the Illinois program should be more like the one in Missouri that lets you go to any authorized mechanic you want to have the tests done.

Missouri's program was once like that in Illinois.

The You Paid For It Team combined forces with two Missouri state legislators nearly 10 years ago to get the Missouri state law changed to make it more convenient for St Louis area drivers.

You Paid For It called Illinois legislators about this deal. Illinois Democratic State Representative Jerry Costello, Jr. of Red Bud said he'd like to see a change saying it's a big inconvenience to many of his constituents and Republican State Representative Dwight Kay of Glen Carbon say they'd like to see their program changed.

Rep. Kay going one step further and says the same thing. After we went to him he said he would introduce a legislation to make the Illinois program more like Missouri's a measure. He says it stands a fairly good chance of passing.

The majority of states have decentralized programs similar to Missouri, just 3 operate ones like Illinois.


  • petalpusherwandcleaner

    My car is a 1991 Honda and I don’t need to get it emission tested, but I do keep the maintenance up to date so it doesn’t pollute.

    When you see an old vehicle spewing smoke on the road..stop that thing and give them a ticket. Good way to get rid of the polluters and save folks time,money with these silly trips to the testing site.

    • George

      Illinois ; on their way to being just like ‘ Cal – i – forn – i ca ‘. Keep voting for the ‘ democ – rats ‘ .

  • Robin W.

    Elliott, do not encourage people to call the illinois emissions folks. They will get a yellow form in the mail! I got mine a week after I sent an email to them.

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