Report: Rams owner buys large chunk of land in L.A.

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A California land deal could open up the opportunity for the Rams to move out of St. Louis, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

There are reports Thursday night that Rams owner Stan Kroenke purchased a large chunk of land in Englewood, California, some acres near the Los Angeles Forum where the Lakers used to play.

To read the full Post-Dispatch story click here.

Map of land purchased


  • jad

    This is awful! Here in LALA land we have very happily lived without football for over 20 years. The land he bought is Hollywood race track and gambling casino which closed lasted year after 75 seasons…it is next to the fabulous forum that just got a hundred million dollar renovation. We have heard nothing about it…we were told it would become a giant mall and housing complex. By the way, it is only a half mile from LAX and right under the flight path…the planes come in very low and it is quite a noisy area.

    • David

      Right under a flight path? Hmmmmmm, could this be the Rams future 12th man? Look out Seattle! Rams got Jumbo Jets!!! Ha Ha.

  • Ram Fan

    If the Rams move it will be the Media that will be part of the reason. They spread rumors and get the people to think the Rams will move, then no one will show up for next years game and then they will move. The Media is responsible for spreading negativity about the team. We don’t need a new stadium, the stadium is only 15 years old.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      I’m glad you agree they don’t need a new stadium – it’s the last thing they need. They need some, you know, actual talent, first.

      But it’s that awful “media” spreading “negativity” about the team? Come on, they’re LOSERS. When they go .500 it’s considered an improvement? Don’t need the news media’s help when they are SUCH PATHETIC LOSERS.

      But blaming the media is the easy way out, I guess – sure works for the far right in politics! It was just “media negativity” that made Bush such a loser, eh, not that he WAS A LOSER, is that it?

      • nowhere_freeway

        so you call the team losers? Pot meet kettle. and still on the bush kick are we. how sad. guess that zimmerman verdict still has you pee’d off.

    • Mike wansong

      I think some of the fans or most of them are the problem as far as negativity. The sports media is pumping up Fisher and the team from what I have been hearing on the radio. IT takes time to build a team from the pits but Kroenke and some of the fans don’t are about this team being here.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    And the POINT of this “news”?? First, wealthy corporate thugs living on the taxpayer dime like Kroenke buy large chunks of land all the time, all over the country, to make another easy buck, usually off the taxpayer using development tax breaks and other welfare handouts – it sure beats working! And thanks to Bush, all investment income is tax-free!

    But what if it DOES mean they may leave? SO BE IT! Don’t let the door slam your rear on the way out, Kroenke! Take your loser players and your corporate thugs somewhere else – please! Go feed like a leech off some OTHER working class taxpayers, ya welfare bum.

    Too bad we taxpayers didn’t have any representation when that contract was made: We should have made a stipulation that the TEAM – and every “component” thereof – be FIRST TIER before they get their welfare. SURELY they have violated THAT rule!

    So, leave. Please!

  • sherry gremminger

    A thriving downtown area (restaurants, bars) on Sunday will be lost. I was so happy when the NFL returned to St.Louis. Sorry, rooting for K.C. is not a suitable substitute. Obviously all of the negative comments about the “pathetic losers” Rams were made by those too young or not yet born when we had “the greatest show on turf”! Sooo exciting. So sad if the Rams leave.

  • Dennis

    Let’s face the facts: a) the stadium needs work to bring it up to snuff. b) the Rams need work to bring them up to snuff.

    So, we now have two sides that are snuffing a lot of white snuff if they thing for one minute the taxpayers (and fans) are going to put up any more funds to allow St. Louis Regional Sports Authority (owners of the Dome) to steal even more tax dollars from Missouians; they haven’t even paid back public loans (bonds) on the existing stadium.

    The lease says a first tier stadium is required. For what? A third tier team? An arbitration board ruled in favor of Kranke. But what did they say specifically was needed in their findings? A large video screen in the middle of the stadium? Tear off half the roof to do what? Better concessions? Better fans? Better tailgate parties?

    And what will the Rams do with their half baked team? Nothing!!
    Since LA has no money, Kranke will have to use his wealth , ie. Walmart money since they sold him the LA land they can’t use. If he is willing to do that , let him invest his coin as a part owner of the Dome to finance the improvements. I guess a creative financing deal like that is beyond the skill of the inept and incompetent Sports Authority as well as the lackadaisical political leaders of this state. Missourians deserve far better from both.

  • Jon Young

    All of you imbosels saying let them leave and its a talentless team and all of these negative things probably haven’t stopped to think about how this drives our local economy… these sports teams help keep people in work… think about that… local businesses and business owners surrounding the stadium benefit from this team things no one thinks about when they bash the rams… not to mention the team is on the rise as far as talent… this is the best team we’ve had since 2001 so just because you have no interest in the team or the sport that doesn’t mean we dont need the rams organization here… I say figure it out and accommodate the team keep the rams here and the same people with there negative opinions when we’re an over 500 team and in the playoffs will go buy jerseys shirts tickets and memorabilia for the team they find so expendable in the moment

    • Mike wansong

      Right on Jon but I feel Stan should pay for the new stadium himself,or at least come across like he cares about St Louis and the fans. I am on board with Fisher and the direction and I want the team to stay but doesn’t Stan have more money than anyone? Just wish he would say something and more important work this out to stay here. Just get it done but these games he is playing or just not caring is giving the imbusels more ammunition. I want the NFL in St Louis. If we lose the Rams that is probably the end for the NFL in STL. Sad really. Could we get 2 worse owners? Bidwell now Kroenke the past couple years says nothing positive even when he does talk. Now this?

  • Maybe

    Stan Kroenke buying land in L.A. doesn’t mean anything till he announces what the purchase is for. I do find it funny that to get talent into L.A. they acquired two St. Louis baseball players and now the St. Louis Rams possibly. If I vacation there I’ll feel right at home. St. Louis is so awesome and talented! We have people and businesses that truly care for one another, hopefully the Rams will be a part of that.

  • Kevin

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    February 1, 2014 at 8:47 am

    Sports is a waste of time, money, and TV programming time. Athletes are over paid and are not the proper role models because they make kids think they can play games all their life for ridiculous money. Send those sports Nazis packing, Good riddance!

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