St. Louis gets a shout-out in Joe Buck’s Funny-or-Die video

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The Super Bowl is in New Jersey this year.  St. Louis native and NFL announcer Joe Buck partnered with the comedy website “Funny or Die” to create this short video.

Some Yankee fans say he has a bias against the their team. Buck calls games for FOX Sports and is an avid Cardinals fan.  So, you might expect he got a less than warm welcome from New Yorkers.  That is an understatement.

St. Louis gets a shout-out about halfway into the video.


  • barbstefano

    It’s funny, but I hear St. Louisans complain all the time that he disses St. Louis. I always thought he was pretty fair, but I think folks dislike that he doesn’t pander. BTW, the St. Louis mention is more like 4/5th of the way through, not the halfway mark.

  • dkeenoy

    People from Stl only complain about him because they expect him to constantly favor us when he’s on Fox, but he can’t anymore. They can’t be biased on national tv. We all still know where his heart is

  • Tony Nelson

    He’s disliked because when he does a broadcast involving St. Louis he doesn’t do it fair, he tends to appear bias for the opposing team. His commentary during the 2011/2013 World Series playoffs showed that. He spends more time building up the opposing team and tearing down St. Louis. Yes as the son of Jack Buck St. Louis expects him to have an STL Bias and that’s not fair because he should be fair, but he takes it to the extreme and goes the other way.

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