Woman wins lottery after being turned away by doctors for no insurance

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GARFIELD HEIGHTS (WJW) — A bad day turned into one that changed a Garfield Heights’ woman’s life.

Last Tuesday, Cynthia Radosavljevic was trying to get blood work done, but was turned away because she didn’t have insurance, according to the Ohio Lottery.

A few hours later, she got a call from her son, who said her regular lottery stop, Boulevard Convenient, had sold a million dollar ticket.

Radosavljevic grabbed her ticket to check the numbers, and realized she was the winner in the Jan. 21 Mega Millions drawing.

Now, Radosavljevic will receive $710,000 after taxes. She said she plans to share her winnings with her brother, and use the money to get out of debt.

The store that sold her the ticket will also receive a $1,000 selling bonus.

By Darcie Loreno


  • Judy Bohnert

    If you self pay for blood work they rip you off. My husband’s insurance refused to pay for a test that his doctor ordered. The amount the insurance refused to pay was less than $80.00 but my husband was billed nearly $750.00. The doctor requesting the test changed the code and then his insurance paid it.

  • Buzz

    Little confusing article that doesn’t seem to have all the details. If the woman needed a blood test, who determined that she needed the blood test? You just don’t walk in to an office and say I need a blood test. Did she have a written order for the test??? If so, she had a physician that signed the order, that means she had a doctor. I’m wondering if one of her debts that she can now get out of is from the Doctors office. The Doctor turning her away, lets get their side of the story. But glad to see that she can get out of debt, now she can afford to buy insurance.

    • laineykins

      I wasn’t hating nor judging. Just saying God had nothing to do with it. I’m all for her winning. Good for her.

  • Aaron Brown

    What a BS story.

    I blame Obamacare. See, if she had signed up she would’ve gotten her blood work done, but she’d still be poor. Phony Free-market capitalism works every time… or at least it pays off for every 1 in 220,000,000.

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