Kathleen Sebelius in St. Louis to promote Obamacare enrollment

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(KTVI) – Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is in St. Louis on Friday to promote the Affordable Care Act. She joined Mayor Francis Slay at the Grace Hill Water Tower Health Center in North St. Louis at around 11am.

She spoke about in-person assistance available in St. Louis to help people enroll in the health insurance marketplace.

This is an excerpt from a blog post on the US Department of Health and Human Services website, “Secretary Sebelius talked about the need for quality, affordable coverage in the Show Me State, with 16 percent of Missourians — nearly 800,000 people — being uninsured and eligible for coverage. That includes more than 227,000 in the St. Louis area.

She also called on the state to act on the Medicaid expansion funds available under the law, noting that Missouri taxpayers are losing roughly $5 million a day while the state turns down federal dollars to expand Medicaid.”

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  • Scooter

    She is only trying to promote Medicaid expansion…. don’t fall for it, America. Steer clear of health.gov…. There are other options!

  • Doug Dante

    Sebelius said “Missouri taxpayers are losing roughly $5 million a day while the state turns down federal dollars to expand Medicaid.”

    How much are Missouri taxpayers losing from fraud, waste, and abuse in the Title IV-D (child support) and Title IV-E (foster care) programs?

    How many kids are dying?

    Sebelius’s Inspector General relies on “annual self assessments” rather than meaningful audits of these programs. When they recently checked actual source data in Connecticut (I think the first audit of its kind for these program which looked at real source data in over 2 years), they found about 2/3rds of foster care kids were in homes where the parents hadn’t been screened through the child abuse registry as required by federal law.

    As far as I know, Sebelius’s people aren’t looking in the other 49 states, and they aren’t looking at the myriad of other problems that the reddit men’s rights community have submitted to them since August 2011.

    Have the foster care parents been screened in Missouri? Does Sebelius even know?

    How many children are in danger *right now* in Missouri? Does Sebelius even care?

    Judge her by her actions.

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