PA man tortures puppy, judge allows him to own more animals

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Photo Courtesy: Divine Destiny Rescue, Inc.

Photo Courtesy: Divine Destiny Rescue, Inc.

Photo Courtesy: Divine Destiny Rescue, Inc.

GREENTOWN, PA – A man in Pennsylvania who was served jail time and paid a fine for abusing hid dog will be allowed to own more.

Russell Seese, 27, admitted he wrapped duct tape around his Labrador-pit bull mix puppy’s muzzle, then bound her front and back legs together. He put her in a dirty chicken coop without food or water and planned to shoot her.

Prosecutors asked a judge to prohibit Seese from owning any pets or working with them. Seese’s attorney argued it was an excessive punishment since he had no history of animal abuse.

The dog is now recovering in a shelter and will be adopted out.

Read the full story here: Pa. man who tortured dog can still own animals, judge rules

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Probably just another fellow gun-worshipping hick like the defendant, who was “going to shoot him” like the big men guys carrying guns are – real pathetic cowards who have their guns to compensate for what pathetic losers they are.

    Hey, I think we “had oughta” “hog-tie” both Russell AND the judges legs and arms and let them sit in a dirty jail cell for a couple of years. That’d be alright by me! I’m against abuse of any kind, but those two don’t count! To do this just proves the judge is as bad, probably has s.x with dogs, knowing “those kind”.

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