St. Louis reality show under investigation by police

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A controversial reality show filmed in St. Louis leads to angry messages for the mayor and an investigation by police.

We`re not sure you can call it a smash hit, but “Salvage City” was popular enough that the Discovery Channel is about to run it again.

"Salvage City" is a new reality show which follows Sam Coffee and his brawny buddies as they break into vacant historic St. Louis buildings, swiping fixtures, and then re-purposing them into things like a headboard, made from an electrical panel or this what not made out of who knows what.

But all that broadcast breaking and entering has police asking what`s what.

The mayor`s office also got angry calls, though a spokesperson says it was not the mayor who dispatched the police.

The lawyer for St. Louis based Coolfire Originals, which produces the show, says police also dropped by its offices.

The apparent smashing and grabbing is not illegal because it is not real.

However, Sam Coffee admits when he and his friends are trolling on their own, often they do not have permission.

But he says police did not ask him about that, though you get the feeling he thinks someday they might.

And Sam Coffee, who also owns the fortune teller bar, predicts some viewers will be angry again.

That three-episode encore runs Saturday morning on the Discovery Channel from 9 a.m. until noon.

Reality TV show “Salvage City” to feature St. Louis’ hidden treasures


  • Dazzette

    So pretty much as soon as this show stops airing, he is out of business. He pretty much admitted he steals off-camera and will continue to until he gets caught. Cops should arrest him now!!

    This show is the worst of the worst when it comes to reality TV…

  • Dazzette

    Oh and if I ever happen to see him breaking into a building when the cameras are not rolling, I’ll call the police. Stealing is wrong…

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Most “reality” show aren’t real anymore. Some were, briefly, but when they became big time with big money involved, every greedy leech in America jumped on the bandwagon and guess what? It’s America, so obviously it’s going to turn into lying and cheating and misrepresenting. I’m sure most of these shows aren’t real, or at least 100% real, anymore – not even The Voice – that show just sounds so phony and staged it’s not funny.

    But is America, after all, land of the most and best opportunities for those among the human race who lie, cheat and steal the most. It’s pretty much what we stand for, isn’t it?

  • dazzette

    Yes, the worst of the worst for several reasons. One, it is teaching people that it’s ok to steal, and hey, you may even get a TV show out of it. Two, this guy is a horrible actor. Yes, they all are, but they at least try to put up a front and make the show seem real. He is pretty much admitting that he is lying about everything he says on there. In the first episode, they go to Crystal City Underground. We all know he didn’t “break and enter” there, or anywhere for that matter while they were filming at least, so why lie about it at all if you are just going to retract your statements as soon as the heat comes down on you?

  • Bam BAAM

    Just to make things clear for people NO SHOW BILLED AS REALITY REALLY IS. Not a single, solitary one. Duck Dynasty, billed as the highest rated ‘reality’ show is known to be fake and scripted and the stars are made to look a certain way to pass it off. Storage Wars, Tow Wars, Ice Road Truckers, Honey Boo Boo….FAKE. This show, FAKE.

    For anyone who actually believes a single one of these shows have anything remotely real to them PLEASE SEEK HELP.

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