U.S. says Keystone impact on carbon emissions negligible at first

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WASHINGTON, DC — A long-awaited environmental report by the government on the proposed Keystone oil pipeline indicates the project would have negligible immediate impact on overall carbon emissions.

The report released Friday by the State Department is considered crucial to the Obama administration’s eventual decision on whether to move forward with the project.

The pipeline that would transport oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast has been a political football, pitting the oil industry and its Republican backers against environmentalists and liberal Democrats who complain it bolsters the especially dirty fossil fuel production from the tar sands of northern Alberta.

By Tom Cohen

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  • byebyetheclown

    yes the earth is so hot now it creates snow. Al gore told me and he loves me and would never steer me wrong. Byebyetheclown

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    A really dumb idea, only supported by those who will profit immensely for it, and their legions of pathetic brainwashed right-wing dimwits who won’t gain a personal thing from it but just mindlessly follow the right-wing like sheep because they hate poor folks on welfare and blacks so much that it warps their thinking.

    You know the type, like byebyetheclown, who I guess couldn’t have an original thought if it paid a million dollars, even when creating a display name! It’s snowing so there CAN’T be global warming. Wow, how pathetic can human thought get? Tell that to all those in Southern California facing the worst drought EVER and have a water emergency that has NEVER occured before. Tell that to those watching the glaciers melt, or the polar ice cap shrinking by the year, and the ice fields in Iceland breaking up. So wants to hate Gore that it warps the brain and creates no ability whatsoever to see reality.

    Sad so many people are so easily brainwashed like that. Really sad.

  • byebyetheclown

    i am not brainwashed I love everything the democrats do. They never lie and scientists are ALWAYS right. Look at the earth clearly the glaciers and arctic ice is gone. The right wing media is in denial. I also wear a tin Foil hat and believe that the tea party are a bunch of shape shifting aliens to destroy democrats. The Reptilians lied about the IRS scandal, Fast n Furious, Bengazi and the reptilians are droning innocent people to death not obama. The Tin foil hat protects me against guns and the NRA

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