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Wet roads in St. Louis, Icy conditions northwest

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -Winter precipitation has returned to the St. Louis area. While it has been all snow farther to the north, the rest of the Bi-State has seen a mix of precipitation thanks to border line temperatures.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until Noon Saturday for St. Louis and counties to the north and west.

The part of the area most in danger of icy weather is north of I-70 in Missouri and most of Jersey, Calhoun, Green, and Macoupin Counties in Illinois.  Overnight freezing drizzle has continued into Saturday morning. Untreated roads are quite slick. Precipitation has intensified in the morning hours and will be at its heaviest through mid-afternoon. That's when ice accumulations of up to a 1/4" and a light coating of sleet are likely.

Between I-44 and I-70 in Missouri and north of I-70 in Illinois, including northwest portions of the metro St. Louis region,  the forecast gets trickier because the freeze line will lie somewhere in this area throughout the day.  Temperatures warmed up overnight from southeast to northwest.  Thunderstorms even bubbled up in the region first thing Saturday morning. Look for a cold rain through early Saturday afternoon but the cold air will return later in the day. It’s possible some roads could become slick again as temps fall.

Along and south of I-44 in Missouri and I-70 in Illinois, this is an all rain event.


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  • GeekTinker

    “South of I-44 in Missouri and I-70 in Illinois, this is an all rain event.”
    Not exactly. I live south of I-70 in Illinois and I’ve been getting freezing rain since before 7 pm on Friday.

  • byebyetheclown

    it is global warming causing the snow. If we give AL Gore and the IMF all our Money the problem will go away. I love al gore he invented the internet and I love global warming scientists they never lie

    • FBHO

      You right wingers crack me up, its “Global Climate Change”, not “Global Warming”. No less than six months ago it was like 90 degrees outside, now look how cold it is! How much more proof do you guys need!!!! IT IS REAL!!!

      • byebyetheclown

        Its called the 4 seasons of weather , but your hero Byebye AL gore tells you its global warming so you say global warming. Then MSNBC and Al gore tell you its climate change so you call it climate change. they say jump and you say How how master. I love obama

  • Dick

    Weather has caused a significant loss of honeybees. Mine didn’t even make enough honey last summer to feed themselves this winter. I have to feed them certain candy mixes. Now, the weather is too cold to open the hives to see if they need more. Will undoubtedly be short in March.

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