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Yahoo! email users: change your passwords

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(KTVI) – Do you have a Yahoo email account?  Better reset your passwords.  Yahoo says usernames and passwords of some email customers have been stolen.

The online search engine did not say how many accounts have been affected.  Access to email accounts could lead to more serious breaches involving banking and shopping sites.

That’s because many people re-use passwords across many sites.

Yahoo Mail was recently the target of a cyber-attack, the company revealed in a blog post Thursday.

Yahoo said it recently identified a coordinated effort by hackers who tried to log into many email accounts with stolen usernames and passwords. The note by Yahoo products executive Jay Rossiter did not immediately say how many accounts were affected.

The company declined to comment further but said it has teamed up with federal law enforcement to investigate the attack.

The credentials were likely taken from a third-party database, Yahoo said.

Yahoo said it reset passwords for users who were impacted. The company sent them text messages Wednesday night warning of “unusual activity on the network.”

By Jose Pagliery

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Just today I got a phony email supposedly from Amazon via the Yahoo accounts tied to, from supposedly “WhatsApp” messenging service.

    This should remind user they may have Yahoo email service and not really know it – because AT&T (formerly but hasn’t changed it yet probably cause they can’t figure out how without a big mess!) uses Yahoo services.

    I noted the email addresses besides mine were a bunch of randomly put together names, all very similar, and they happened to get mine.

    This may NOT be related to this, but there should also be a warning about WhatsApp – a LOT of spam and malicious stuff is coming from these these days – user beware! Don’t open it!

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