Man arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on a Girl Scout selling cookies

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TEMECULA (KTLA) — A man was arrested after he allegedly pointed a gun at a girl who was going door-to-door selling cookies in Temecula on Sunday, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

The incident happened on the 31000 block of Strawberry Tree Lane shortly before 11:30 a.m., according to a news release from the Sheriff’s Department.

The girl was selling cookies in the neighborhood with her father when she got to the home of 59-year-old John Dodrill, according to the release.

She knocked on the door, Dodrill opened it and pointed a gun at her, authorities said. The father witnessed the incident and called police.

Officers responded and took Dodrill into custody, the release stated. His gun was seized for evidence.

By Tracy Bloom


  • Bryan Brandon

    Photo 19 of 22 on Ballpark Village shows a Paric Employee wearing a yellow “safety/ quality ” vest. My Question is WHERE ARE HIS SAFETY GLASSES?

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Another, fine, “law-abiding”, “responsible” NRA gun owner!

    He probably felt threatened because her sales pitch was quite aggressive! Maybe she boldly asked for the order!! So, being a typical NRA coward afraid of little girls and, well, just about everyone and everything else in the world, he HAD to draw his gun!

    In Florida, he could have shot and killed her, if he simply felt “threatened” by the little girl’s assertive sales pitch. Their law is an NRA model for the nation, as it protects pathetic little cowards who want to pack – and use – a gun to make up for not packing much of anything else or otherwise not being really much of a man they dream to be – you know, like Zimmerman and that Florida hick cop.

    Put his guy in the slammer for about 35 years, and nobody will probably miss him or notice. But the world will be a better place. Then, the other few hundred thousand like him.

    • Daniel Vahey

      I guess that your mr. macho man that can take on anybody. Why don’t you try selling your b.s. to a woman who is being raped, a famiily being envaded in their own home an elderly or disabled person who is physically unable to defemd themselves against an attacker. You have the mindset of a 13 year old.

  • middleman

    I would like to know how the person above has the inside information to know that this idiot is a member of the NRA. All of the members of the NRA that I know are smart and responsible people who don’t accuse people they don’t like of being associated with every crackpot who does something stupid. Shame on you!

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