Woman says she woke up in heaven during medical procedure

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ALTUS, OK — A mother from Oklahoma went into have a routine medical procedure. She ended up having a heart attack that left her flat-lining for nine minutes. Crystal McVea says she spent those nine minutes in heaven.

McVea is a mother and teacher from Oklahoma. She tells KFOR-TV that she was admitted for a routine medical procedure on Dec. 10th 2009. An adverse reaction to medication sent her into cardiac arrest. Medical records have confirmed she flat-lined.

“The moment my eyes closes there He was, two angels to my left, the most glorious tunnel of light that I could ever describe,” she said.

McVea says that prior to this experience, she had always questioned the authenticity of God and heaven.

“I made up my mind. There were two choices. One, God was real and He didn’t love me, or two, there was no God. And I would hold that doubt in my life until the day I died,” she said.

Some question her story. They say that what she saw was an oxygen-starved brain causing hallucinations.

McVea has written a book about her experience, a New York Times bestseller called “Waking Up in Heaven: A True Story of Brokenness, Heaven, and Life Again.”

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    • Garrett Black

      well I don’t believe she seen the son of man but only a fool says there is no God rest assure one day we will find out !

    • McWarren

      People like you are smug and unhappy. You really should repent before you’re the one being laughed at…

      • Andrea

        As a fellow believer, I feel that you are a bad example. To state that we should be laughing at others who chose not to believe is even more smug. God is the one shaking His head. “The single greatest cause of atheism today in the world is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, walk it the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”

    • Karen Bettison

      To say there is no heaven is like an ant saying there are no humans just because they haven’t experienced them or they don’t have the senses to perceive them, just the effects of them when they are tampered with, which, to an ant, are unexplained. We are presumptuous to assume we know everything through our empirical senses. The human body and mind are complex. Our logic cannot explain how we got so complex; evolution can’t explain it and is full of holes. The creator himself gave us a road map and told us everything; most people reject it, just like they can reject just about anything that is presented to them even as fact. The fact that you can “deny” it, “feel” emotional at all, dream, experience “deja vu”, and find meaning in anything in life proves we are more than animals, more than products of evolution. We are intricately designed. You can’t prove there isn’t a heaven, but there is a lot of proof that there is one. Some day we will all have proof that there is a heaven AND a hell. Which one will you be in?

    • McWarren

      No you’re the fool to say there is no God. If you really believe you are an accident (and maybe YOU are) of nature then you are a smug unhappy little man/woman and you should repent before it’s too late.

  • Adele

    Strange that most of the comments to this story are from doubters or even atheists – does the story make you feel threatened. It shouldn’t. God’s love and gift of eternal life is for you as well. You just have to receive it.

  • Lesley

    It’s such a beautiful encounter you had with The Lord. I pray for all of you who don’t believe that you find him because one day you all will have to confess Jesus is lord.

  • TheBigShiz

    All sinners must repent and accept Jesus Christ as their lord and Savior in order to enter Gods Kingdom! We must cleanse ourselves and be saved!

  • Diane

    I have also had an out-of-body experience. I have no doubts in believing this woman. Millions of people have experienced this. One of the best books on out-of-body experiences is by Michael H. Brown called, The Other Side.

  • Ray Sanders

    This woman is delusional. Even if there was a heaven you have to die to get there. This woman did not die. Your heart can stop beating and you are not dead until your brainwaves cease. She was hallucinating. Scientists can now stimulate with electrical probes the part of the brain that gives us out of body experiences and religious experiences.

  • Ray Sanders

    A philosopher once said that in the history of mankind there have been a thousand different Gods. You do not believe in 999 of those other Gods. When you can tell me the reasons you don’t believe in those other Gods then those are the same reasons I don’t believe in yours.

  • Ray Sanders

    1. Why does and all powerful and all loving God allow millions of innocent babies to die every year?
    2. Why doesn’t God destroy the Satan.

  • K

    No man has descended unto heaven, except he who descended from heaven. We do not enter heaven, when the time comes heaven will descend upon us and we will be judged to stay. Why would I go to heaven upon death be brought out of it and judged to re-enter?! I think not…read your bibles people and quit relying on what people tell you, it is a myth to believe you will go to heaven.

  • Lijy

    Dear friend, if you search you will surely experience the love of JESUS, you can hear him or you may even see him if he wishes !!!

  • Anthony

    What I love is how not believing in God is perceived as ignorant and misguided. It’s like those that gaff at my believing in the Big Bang and evolution.

    Just a difference in opinion and personal thoughts on the way things came to be, and that’s ok.

    But what really irritates me is that a large majority of believers in God PUSH it on those that do not. You don’t have to try and guide everyone “towards the light” and save everyone’s souls.

    Isn’t that Gods job anyways? ;)

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