Fox Files Exclusive: Accused neighborhood bully talks

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- He was banned from his own neighborhood for months, after people called him a bully.  You`re about to meet him and as you`ll see, he may unlike anyone else you`ve ever seen.

We'd like to know what you think after watching the report.  Does the punishment fit the crime? Prohibited from his own his own street, he had to get special permission from a judge just to go home for a few hours.  The accused bully calls it a conspiracy by big business to take his property.  His accusers say he`s dangerous and unpredictable.

Dan Scott said with excitement, "It`s great to be home ahaha.  It's good to have on my underwear, ha, ha."

A judge ordered him to stay away from Forest Park Southeast.  Scott said, "For 17 months, almost two years."  Hayes asked, "How did you conduct business?"  Scott replied, "I couldn`t. I was banned from my house, banned from my business." Hayes followed up, "Where did you go?" Scott replied, "went to uh, live on someone`s couch."

He owns property, like townhouses on Gibson, a community garden and the 17th Ward Training Center.  He believes the court action is aimed at squeezing him out.

He led me to a hill where we could get a good view.  He pointed, "There, brand new hospital, new hospital. They`re going to put another building there. Look at this, that`s brand new, look at that, that`s brand new. There`s my little house right there next to it hahaha."

Scott says he`s called a villain for demanding city leaders look out for the little guy. He added, "Have them support small businesses. Write a plan..." Then he shouted, "Hey Hey Kevin what`s up ahhahaha."

This is what our interview was like, often interrupted.

I asked two men walking up, "How do you know Dan?"  One man answered, "Oh he a good person."

I asked another man who later walked up, "How do you know Dan?"  The man said, "...met Dan at church four years ago."

Court depositions describe him as an unpredictable terror.  A jury found him not guilty on all but one of the counts, which was a reported harassment that happened in the Grove. A woman who painted the hydrants and signal boxes said she was painting over graffiti and fixing her work when she said Dan Scott came up screaming, calling it his fire hydrant.  She said he asked if she knew what the gang graffiti meant and how dare she remove it.  Then she says he pounded on the wall and continued screaming.

I asked Dan Scott about it, (Hayes) "Did you yell at her?"
(Scott) "I may have been loud yeah, but I was asking her about the fire hydrant. I said hey, we can do this community art, I, these kids have been doing this for years, hey can they help you?"
(Hayes) "But is that your place, if she was given the contract to paint those fire hydrants?"
(Scott) "You can always ask to participate, it`s not against the law. I mean if someone`s working and you ask, hey can we help?"
(Hayes) "But were you asking or were you threatening?"
(Scott) "I was asking."

Another neighbor says there`s another side to Scott you didn`t see in our interview.

Larry Lunceford said, "He`s a person who has a split personality, to me.  He knows how to play intelligent and he knows how to play by the rules of the hood."

Lunceford is the small businessman behind St. Louis Larry's Hotdogs.  He added, "Dan is addicted to how this neighborhood used to be and you might as well just get over it, it`s just not the hood anymore."

Lunceford says the reported harassment had nothing to do with a conspiracy and everything to do with Dan.

I asked him, "Is he a neighborhood bully?"
(Lunceford) "I believe so."
(Hayes) "You`ve been bullied?"
(Lunceford) "mm hm."
(Hayes) "You`ve been threatened?"
(Lunceford) "Mm hm, definitely."

Lunceford said Scott illegally evicted him from this Chouteau property Scott owns, after a near thousand dollar heating bill.  Lunceford claims the high bill was a result of Scott`s poor repairs and says Scott emptied his property of thousands of dollars in equipment he documented here.

Lunceford described Scott, "Screaming, yelling, I mean, he swelled up on me, do you want to fight? Cuss word, cuss word, cuss word, no let`s fight."

City records show the Scott property Lunceford rented is currently under notice for property maintenance code violations.

Dan Scott says the City`s findings are part of the conspiracy.

Scott also claims Lunceford abandoned that apartment and left the door open for thieves to ransack the place.

Other accusations against Scott included A City Alderman, Joe Roddy, who said Scott cut him off in traffic and called him the 'n word.'  The jury found Dan Scott not guilty on that harassment count.

Scott is still awaiting sentencing, scheduled for February 21st.

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  • OPP

    Key take away points from this story:

    1. That hot dog guy was itching to get on TV. He got a free plug.

    2. Note to self – do not buy property in the Grove. It is an area fueled by rumors where neighbors turn on each other and then use the agencies and programs of the city to carry out their revenge plots…….i.e. Citizens Service Bureau, NSO, and the Building Division – connect the dots. For examples look at posts above – Pete G, David, Kelly, Todd, etc

    3. Apparently the City of St Louis is operating under a new justice system. “You are now guilty until proven innocent.” Courtesy of the Circuit Attorney’s Office. Our forefathers are turning in their graves.

    4. Chris Hayes, you are losing your edge. There is a much better story here. Dig deeper….that’s why its called investigative reporting. Drive around the neighborhood and see all of the boarded up and falling down buildings on both sides of Manchester being held by big developers and organizations. Why aren’t the neighbors calling in on them? Some of those have been that way for over a decade. They are hazards will roofs caving in and bricks falling from the top right onto the sidewalk. It’s time to get to the real nitty – gritty.

  • Kim Kardashien

    I don’t live in the area, don’t know any of the actors, and don’t have any vested interest in the area or story. But in reading the comments regarding peoples inflated opinion of property values in this particular area I think some accurate context needs to be included. In the last 12 month the high sale for a renovated 4 family property is $150,000. There have been two sales over the $100,000 price point within the past 12 months, $150,000 and $117,000. Of which the latter is considered somewhat livable. 2-4 Family properties in more similar condition to the ones described as Dirty Dan owning have sold for $34,600 and $66,000 respectively. The $30,000 price variance indicates they are both rough properties, but one is significantly rougher than the other.

    There are two 2-4 family properties currently offered for sale in that particular area. A 4,752 square foot four family for $99,900 that has been on the market just over 4 months. Judging by the condition this property should expect to sell in the $50,000 area or less. The other is a two family property with commercial space below and is offered for $169,900. There is interior photos available so the condition is anyones guess.

    As a matter of fact over the past 3 years the high sale for 2-4 family is the current high sale of $150,000 with the low sale for a shell of a building of $13,250.

    This information is available on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which agents and appraisers use every day to list homes, sell homes, and appraise homes. It is obvious that some of the people commenting on this page have a ridiculous opinion of value for this area, ill informed, and perhaps more of an interest fighting the city and local developers so they are willing to support Dirty Dan to achieve their goals.

    Let’s not let the facts get in the way of an agenda driven opinion.

    • MillionDollarListings

      You must be really bad at your job. I just checked the MLS as well and you are rattling off prices that apply to the Gravois Park/Dutchtown area. Are you aware of the development going on at Forest Park SE – small 1bedrooms are renting for $1100/month – 2bedrooms $1650.Those are game changing figures. Investors from out of town are swarming the area – a person would be crazy to sell at those prices you are guess -timating.

      • Kim Kardashien

        The information I supplied was for the Forest Park Southeast area which is where the article and comments referenced. All of these properties are south of 64, west of S. Vandeventer Ave, North of 44, and East of S. Kingshighway. The sales for the last 12 months are all north of Manchester Rd as well as is Gibson Ave. The article claims Dirty Dan owns property on Gibson in Forest Park Southeast and that is where that information comes from. I don’t know who you’re trying to kid Million Dollar Listing. You apparently have as high opinion of yourself as the ridiculous valuations stated in earlier posts. We are speaking of 2-4 Family Properties and that is what the aforementioned data references.

        Now if you want to speak of single family homes then the high sale for the last 12 months is $287,500 with the low sale of $18,000. The high active listing is $239,000. ( that was using the cross property search for both 2-4 Family and Residential ). The same data comes up under the regular residential search as well. Now you do realize that if you cross why 40 to the north, or cross to the east side of S. Vandeventer Ave, or cross to the south side of hwy 44, or to the west side of S. Kingshighway Blvd. you are jumping to different market areas with different market influences.

        Oh and by the way none of the sales you reference are in the MLS.

        I don’t know what crack you’re smoking but you weren’t using the MLS and if you were you certainly were not gathering data from the correct neighborhood. Sounds like you are one of the obviously misguided previous commenters. Just say no to drugs.

    • MillionDollarListings

      You said it yourself, you don’t live in the area. The development project in the biotech corridor is a 2.2 billion plan currently in stage 3 of 8. When it is completed there will be 3.8 million sq ft of office space, 700,000 square ft of retail , 1000 residential units, 350 hotel rooms, Ikea, and a new Shriners Hospital. For more info go to Washington University Redevelopment Corp(WUMCRC) on Facebook . Forest park SOUTHEAST is prime real estate (smack in the middle) being built up as a community for wash u/ Barnes , Shriners and all the tech start up people that are flooding the city from all over the country. The Aventura is already occupied – 719 square ft apt $1100/month .The townhomes on Chouteau and Boyle 2bed/$1650 – they are rented as well.f’m not making these figures up. Next time do your research before you post. Location,location,location. People moving here from the coasts do not bat an eye at the prices. I’m a transplanted new Yorker and have been in the business for 18 years, these are not local developers we are discussing.Keep your piddly figures to yourself, and do better homework.

      • Kim Kardashien

        I have accurately relayed the information of current sales that have occurred in the Multiple Listing Service to date. You sir are speculating. If you want a loan from a bank to purchase a 2-4 Family property in that area the appraisers will be using the MLS data from the previous 12 months or beyond. The rental data you spew is not available in the MLS to date. Sure there’s big plans, but the current sales are the current sales and the current listings are the current listings. I have accurately relayed the MLS data for the sales within the past 3 years. Speculation does not a sale make and currently nothing has sold which remotely resembles the type and condition of Dirty Dan’s property in the price ranges previously quoted by other commenters or your rude little fingers. The data is the data and what you claim has not materialized within the Multiple Listing Service. Put your money where your big New York mouth is and provide the MLS listing numbers to your imaginary properties and show me. Anything short of that is purely speculation on future development which may or may not occur any time soon. As of today the current sales or listings don’t support your claims. If you can’t provide MLS numbers for properties on and around Gibson Ave then within the Forest Park Southwest corridor then you sir are full of sh*t again.

      • Kim Kardashien

        Mr. Million Dollar Listing put your money where your mouth is.. MLS #13053478 is the 4,752 sf four family income producing property located on Kentucky Ave being offered for $99,900. This little gem needs a complete gut rehab top to bottom. I’ll be happy to sell this little gem to you for full asking price. I’ll even sell it to you well above asking price since you east coasters don’t blink at prices. What do you say put a little contract on there for about $250,000? Put $100,000 into this lovely place and according to you it will be worth $500,000 or more. We just have to find some another New Yorker like yourself. It’s been on the market for 129 days so I’m surprised you haven’t already claimed this and made your fortune or sold it to developers and cashed that great big commission check.

        Let’s not forget MLS #14001055 which is on Manchester rd. It’s a two family with commercial space on the ground floor street front. Only offered at $169,900 and needs a complete gut rehab. This is a triple income producing property for you and yet you have let this little gem sit on the market a whole month now. This may have been your listing as it’s been on the market on/off since 2008 with an original ask of $229,900.

        Apparently the market does not agree with you yet as potential buyers at this time feel those properties are over priced or else they would have been sold by now. With only two active listings there is an inventory shortage so why haven’t these little gems been snatched up? because the open market feels the price is too high at this time.

      • Kim Kardashien

        I’ve looked at the information you keep regurgitating. You keep repeating that little website article nearly verbatim. What you fail to understand in your 18 years of whatever experience you claim and you mislead the readers with is those properties are new construction town homes and not even remotely comparable to a 2-4 family income property. The new construction town homes cited and pictured in that article are new construction town homes and from what the local residents indicate Dirty Dan owns some run down properties with extensive code violations. You have got to be kidding me that you actually think those are comparable. And if you think a $1,600 per month rent equates to anything close to a $400,000-$500,000 valuation then you have no idea what you talking about regarding valuation or even developing a cost to build. Yes this area is experiencing gentrification. But at this point the external obsolescence of the surrounding market area has a greater impact on values. They are building planned unit developments because it’s the best way to create value and support value due to the surrounding obsolescence. Otherwise renovation of the old shells of homes is too costly, too slow, and is harder to get value quickly enough on a mass scale. A planned unit development will create it’s own value and support its own value when new if it’s priced right.

        It is now quite apparent why you keep repeating that little article and have said nothing new of substance or supported your ridiculously high opinion of value with any facts regarding the true current value range of 2-4 family properties in fpse. You really don’t have any fundamental understanding of what the difference between the two types properties ( 2 br single family town house vs. 4,700 square foot 4 unit multi family income producing property) , market history, market trends, or how current valuations are developed. We will wait for you to cut and paste from that website again.

  • Steve

    The only comment made much sense and wasn’t he said she said was from concerned taxpayer. The video and the article never provided much as to what is what and why. I found it to be lacking and vague in order to make an informed opinion. But if you live in a country where you are presumed guilty until proven innocent then yes I guess you should be played.

  • Grove Man

    Million dollar listings…your correct. Kim Kardashian is an idiot. This area is going to transformed. More development will occur in midtown, than all of downtown in the next ten years. Her numbers don’t mean anything… because developers are all holding rehabbed buildings, and not selling anything. I lease nice rehabbed one bedrooms units all day at $600 – $700 now in the grove. A few years back the same units were $400-$500 apartments. These new prices are still bargains to students and professionals flocking from the east coast to be a part wu and cortex. Developers now know this. The new rumor going on now is… An investment group out of Chicago with connections to a local developer, has been scouting the Grove and wants acquire at least 20 million in property. Very similar to what Amerit and Amy Gill, aka Restoration St. Louis did. I’ll believe this, when I see it. Either way, property values in this area are going to jump significantly in the years to come.

    • Kim Kardashien

      Grove man or do we call you million dollar listing? I provided factual data from the MLS for the current values of which none of you have done so far. I have provided the current sales of 2-4 family properties, the current listings available, and the three year sales history. The previous commenters claim dirty dan is sitting on millions of dollars of property -today- of which is simply not the case. You’re speculating on future value which is fine that’s how money is made if all eight phases are completed. but today, those 2-4 family properties have sold miles below what you people think they are worth today and the data proves it. I have backed up my information with historical fact and you are speculating on the future in hopes that if you hold onto your property some chicago or new york developer will swoop in and offer you millions for some vacant hull of a building or some vacant lot. The data is the data. Until some chicago or New York investor steps in and pays the astronomical values you think those run down shells of buildings are worth then the values remain where they currently are now. developers only make money if they buy the properties at the right price folks. You’re forgetting those investors have to spend millions to tear down those properties or renovate. And in order to make that profitable they have to buy as cheaply as possible. Absolutely there’s plans for the area. But that doesn’t mean Dirty Dan is sitting on millions of dollars worth of real estate either. Sure the market is trending up but if you think dirty dan’s properties are “currently” worth millions then you’re as delusional as when you were posting under Million Dollar Listing. Let’s not forget about eminent domain folks. They’ll just take your property because it benefits the region more as being developed than your vacant hull of a building. The fact of the matter is that no matter what you say the data proves what the current value of those 2-4 family properties are selling for and being listed for in todays market. so far nobody has or can provide solid data to prove otherwise.

    • Kim Kardashien

      Brian I am simply offering accurate facts supported by the Multiple Listing Service in comparison to some of the wild claims by uninformed commenters regarding the current value of Dirty Dan’s properties. the claims of current value were so wildly inaccurate I decided to offer the true numbers. After Million Dollar Listing (aka Grove Man) claimed the MLS data was wrong and he obtained his information from the MLS and insulted me I simply proved him wildly wrong again with factual current data. After he kept repeating the same in accurate information it is plainly obvious he is full of cr*p and was offering misleading data. If you don’t believe my data simply punch in the mls numbers I provided in the internet or contact an agent and have them supply the very same information I provided. I even clearly offered the boundaries I searched and the search parameters so they could be duplicated by someone with the MLS. since Million Dollar listing aka Grove man can’t dispute the factual data they never offer any factual data of current values found on the mls because he either doesn’t have access or he sees the data I provided is accurate and can’t dispute the factual data of what those properties are currently selling for today. And let’s not forget Million Dolloar Listing aka Grove Man is misleading in trying to compare apples to oranges in using new construction single family town homes in a planned unit development vs the current 2-4 unit multi family properties. Instead he can only speak to what may happen 10-20 years from now. Let the data do the talking as to what Dirty Dan’s 2-4 family properties are worth in todays market.

      So you can either believe the Multiple Listing Service data which is what agents use to list your home, find your home, and lease your home or you can believe some guy who doesn’t know the difference between property classifications and cuts and pastes off a web site. Your choice.

  • Brian

    This Kim K is not smart. The two buildings you mention in your comment, the one on Manchester and the one on Kentucky are both gut jobs. They are overpriced shells. That’s why those have not sold. Buyers only want shells or totally rehabbed units. No one wants to buy crappy half done buildings, like your examples. If this Manchester property was priced as a shell around $75,000, It would move fast, which is a good price for both parties. A house on Kentucky that needs a total rehab for $99,000, you know this is also a shell, It’s worth less than half of that. Kim why are you so shocked these two have not sold yet? You know they are shells trying to be passed off as buildings.

    • Kim Kardashien

      I clearly stated they were both overpriced and both in need of rehab. I agree with you they are both significantly over priced which is why they are still on the market and they both need gut rehabs. I agree with your assessments of the properties and the assessment they are wildly over priced. so in turn that shows you must agree with me the current values of those types of properties in todays market are no where near the values of the previous commenters who thinks the current value of dirty dan’s property holdings is in the millions as one guy put it or in the $500,000 to $1,000,000 range as others have claimed. I’m glad you took a look at the examples I gave and proved my point.

    • Kim Kardashien

      Now look at the data and see the high sale for a 2-4 family property is only $150,000 and not in the million dollar range like million dollar listing aka grove man claims. Call me not smart all you want but you can’t dispute the data brian no matter how hard you people try.

  • Brian

    Dans shells are worth around $50,000 each, that’s it. If he has four of five of them then his package is worth $200,000-$300,000. The end. The million dollar mentions earlier belong in a dreamworld.

  • Aaron Smith

    Kim K, you should go ask restoration St. Louis or grove properties if they would be willing to part with a one of their renovated 4 families for 200k. Surely, they would sell you one for 200k, because that’s 50k more than your data shows. They would not even return your calls. All your data is a waste of space. You are wasting your keystrokes.

  • Words of wisdom

    I’m thinking that Kim Kardshian is actually a well kown land swindling developer in the area. She started her posts with, “I dont live in the area, dont know any of the actors” etc. BS! Sounds like she definately knows the area and “dirty dan”. Why the fake name Kim? Why do you have to use an alias, if you have nothing vested?? You sound like you are trying to broker one of your low ball deals in your comments. Your emotion gave you away. Its clear your upset that land costs are getting to pricey, too fast around here for all your restoration work. If you want more shells…….. your gonna have to shell out.

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