George Zimmerman to fight rapper DMX in boxing bout

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(CNN) — Let’s get ready to … mumble. As in, what now, George Zimmerman? Seems like the former neighborhood watchman has found yet another way to remain in the public limelight. This time, he’ll be stepping into a boxing ring to fight rapper DMX. Zimmerman said the celebrity boxing match was his idea. Boxing was his hobby, he told Radar Online last month, even prior to the “incident.”

The incident, of course, is the February 2012 encounter in which he shot dead an unarmed Trayvon Martin, 17. He stood trial for murder, but was acquitted.

“Prior to the incident, I was actually going to the gym for weight loss and doing boxing-type training for weight loss,” he told Radar.

“A mutual friend put me in contact with Damon and provided me with an opportunity and motivation to get back in shape and continue with my weight loss goals and also be able to help a charity out.”

Damon is Damon Feldman, owner of Celebrity Boxing and self-described opportunist, whose claim to fame is putting together bizarre matchups. Think Tonya Harding, Michael Lohan.

He said last week that he was accepting offers for someone to step into the ring for a three-round, pay-per-view fight with Zimmerman.

“The news has been out for an hour and my e-mail is overloaded with 8,000 people wanting to fight George,” Feldman told CNN on Thursday.

Early Wednesday morning, he said he’s picked the contender. Out of more than 15,000 e-mailed requests, he’s going with DMX.

“The match will be one of the Biggest Celebrity Boxing matches of all time,” his news release said (uppercase emphasis his).

But in order to find out where and when it will take place, we’ll have to wait until next week.

DMX, as we know is a rapper, and braggadocio is his calling card.

He’s out for blood, he told TMZ. Not only will he break every rule in boxing, he said, he’ll “beat the living (expletive)” out of Zimmerman.

Ian Karmel, a writer for “Chelsea Lately,” has a better idea.

“They should send Floyd Mayweather to the ring and tell George Zimmerman it’s DMX,” he tweeted. “He won’t know the difference.”

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  • ashley

    Is Zimmerman asking to die? He has to know that people want to fight him to kill him… not just to bruise him up a bit. Since when is TMZ a source that Fox quotes in their news lol

  • Deanna

    I’m sorry but this celebrity box inh match is a joke!! #1 Zimmerman is NOT a celebrity!! He’s a sorry butt should be in jail! All this is doing is promoting future hate and racism. This makes me sick!

    • JusticeDelivered

      Zimmerman has a long history of trying to do good deeds.

      Tutoring black children
      Neighborhood watch
      Terminating a predator.
      Helping rescue people in overturned car
      And now this charity event.

      If only Trayvon Martin and his parents had this kind of character.

      The message people should get from this case is that all public policy should become race neutral, no more affirmative action, no more race specific scholarships, and no more toleration of racism by any group, including blacks.

      George Zimmerman should get an award for good citizenship.

    • JusticeDelivered

      If Trayvon had been one of my children I would not have been chasing tail that night, I would have been giving Trayvon quality time and a memorable attitude adjustment.

      I would have taken away his phone, all computer access, his music and grounded him for at least a month. I would have dragged his sorry tail out of bed at 4-5 AM and sent him to bed at 8-9 PM.

      During his waking hours he would have been doing KP.

      Trayvon desperately needed tough love, and if he and decent parents they would have both made him their highest priority., work so hard that he would welcome crawling into bed early.

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