MoDOT: Crews clearing roads; “No travel advisory” remains in effect

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KTVI) - As snowand freezing temperatures made a return to the St. Louis area, MoDOT had trucks out all night making sure roads were passable, but they're still telling commuters to stay off the roads.

There were several crashes overnight including one on Interstate 55 at Ballas with two cars.  No one was seriously injured, but the cars were damaged.

A second accident was reported on Reavis Barracks. One car apparently spun out on the side of the roadbut no one was injured.

MoDOT officials say snow plows blanketed highways and roads all night.  Crews began working 12-hour shifts on Tuesday to pre-treat the roads, then when the snow started to fall, they started plowing.

Crews inside MoDOT's headquarters are paying close attention to the road conditions.  A "no travel advisory" is still in affect and means if you don't have to drive, don't.


  • Todd Schischler

    Not only is the “No travel advisory” still in place but so is the “No plowing advisory”….Are they going rename the department to NODOT?

    And will Pertzborn shut that hole under his nose about people being careful on the roads? You cannot fix stupid – those who will do dumb things cannot be talked off the ledge. The rest of us get it and are weary of your inane lecturing. knucklehead.

  • STL

    You issued a no travel advisory yesterday and I thought that was so roads could be cleared. How is it the highways were absolutly horrible this AM?

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