St. Louis near the bottom of the list for, “American’s Best City for Men”

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(KTVI) – Men’s Health magazine has St. Louis ranking near the bottom of yet another list. This month’s MetroGrade has named, “American’s Best City for Men.” St. Louis is third from the bottom. The Gateway city only beat out Detroit, MI and Philadelphia, PA.

According to the periodical publication they, “Considered 33 criteria, covering health, fitness, and quality of life. After hours of Excel acrobatics, we had our list of all-star cities—and those that need to raise their game.”

See which city grabbed the #1 spot here.

The 10 Worst:

90. Tulsa, OK
91. Louisville, KY
92. Jackson, MS
93. Memphis, TN
94. Birmingham, AL
95. Toledo, OH
96. Cleveland, OH
97. Charleston, WV
98. St. Louis, MO
99. Detroit, MI
100. Philadelphia, PA


  • William Hall

    They must be speaking of Black men….Here over 100 a year get murdered on the streets, so yeah bad health!!!…lol.

  • Brad Ayres

    Also a horrible place for any military disabled veteran that needs work. The most unfriendly, unsupportive place to live. Its pretty horrible when you have served your country and no place wants to hire you simply because you are disabled. I myself was HONORABLY discharged under a medical chapter because of a minor disability that doesn’t prevent me from working in an effective manor yet I am treated like I was dishonorably discharged. So happy I served my country and the Army the Veterans Affairs and all of society has turned their backs on me and my wife and three children so now we continue to suffer every single day. It’s pretty bad when a fast food place wont hire you or walmart nowhere. I totally agree that Saint Louis is a horrible place to live. In my opinion it should be ranked as the worst in the country.

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