“Fat Girl Dancing” series shows the world that there is no shame in size

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(KTVI) – A radio producer from North Carolina is not ashamed of her body.  Whitney Thore launched a, “No Shame Body Campaign” to help others accept their bodies.

She tells the Huffington Post that she was unable to dance in public after gaining 200lbs.  She worked with one of the hosts her morning radio show to make a “Fat Girl Dancing” video series.  Thore told Daily Venus Diva that the title is part of an intentional choice to reclaim and embrace the word “fat.”

Thore shared this on her website, “I am learning to practice aggressive self-love. I have lived my life as a 130-pound woman and as a 350-pound woman in North America, in Europe, and in Asia. Cultural norms, societal pressures, and the whims of the fashion industry do not define my worth as woman or a human being. My intelligence, personality, talents, and contributions do not fluctuate with the numbers on a scale. I am unwaveringly me at any size and I’m learning constructive and pro-active ways to help shape my ideals and the ideals of the world I live in. Do it with me?”

See more of Whitney Thore’s story on her website: NoBodyShameCampaign.com


  • Rayson Randell

    Woah. Let me get this straight. You are encouraging people to not be ashamed of their body by doing a dance that most people in that condition would have cardiac arrest from?

    Please keep doing what you are doing, eventually you’ll be back down to the weight you were. One thing however you should not do, is encourage people to be okay with that body type. You might feel comfortable, but your veins, arteries, and heart hate you. I hope they take down your website.

    I made changes to my life and lost weight but I didn’t encourage others to do what I did because it might have hurt them. This campaign is foolishness, and if you follow it you are no better than the lemming who buys all the “fad diets.”

    • sheila

      I think that by her doing the video at the weight that she is shows ppl of size that they do not have to be ashamed to dance in public. I think that it is awesome because we as a society make those of size feel that they are not accepted. I am bigger than i should be but i am also healthy. just because someone is not the size of a barbie does not mean that they are not healthy.
      Keep up the dancing.

    • Dee

      I gained weight due to a medical condition and the medicine required to put me into remission…not from unhealthy eating habits that could lead to heart problems. My heart, veins and other cardiovascular systems function normally. I do dance and I haven’t fell over dead yet.

    • Jackie

      I could not agree more. Well said! This is not healthy, and she should not present this body image as “ok” just because she can dance in public.

    • christine

      I have one thing to say ,you really need to grow up and smell the roses. Not everyone is fat or overweight because they choose too be that way. There are a lot of people out there that have medical problems that cause the weight . No am not overweight myself but I feel like I am . She should be proud and happy that she can dance.That is the first step ..Keep up the good work

    • Morgen

      I am what is termed morbidly obese. Yet my blood pressure, heart function, veins, organs, etc are all in excellent condition. My body is in better shape than my normal weight cousin of the same age, and several others I know around my age. Healthy isnt a matter of weight. You can be fat and healthy and skinny and unhealthy. Skinny, athletic people die more from heart issues than fat people do. Keep that in mind before you declare that you know whats healthy.

  • Joe

    Being fat shouldn’t be something to brag about, it is the consequence of eating too much. Sure, temporary diets will fail you. You need to make lifestyle changes, often are those that are difficult to achieve and maintain.

    • Dee

      Joe, not all people who are overweight eat too much. Some have thyroid issues or other medical conditions. I was very thin until I got thyroid cancer and an autoimmune disorder that required I be on high dose steroids. It is likely I will never be a size 4 again…but I also eat only fresh foods prepared at home…eat 1400 calories a day and drink nothing but water. Also, I exercise. When you have medical issues, weight happens.

      • maddie

        I agree having lived the ordeal of gaining a considerable amount of weight for no none reason until I came within minutes of death and the reason was found the very hard way. People assumed I’d gained over 100 lbs because, after a lifetime of eating healthily, I what? Pigged out from morning until night every day? Purposely chosen the most unhealthy fats, nutrionless carbs, prossed fatty meats? Stopped moving, took days off from teaching, and slept in the kitchen to be closer to the refrigerator? I have a wish,useless I know, judgmental people would educate themselves before they attack other people.

      • Mike

        “Not all people who are overweight eat too much”

        Ummm… yeah they do, that’s how it works. I know what you’re trying to say, if two people eat a pie and one gains weight, it’s because that person has issues. Actually, the person with issues should eat a half a pie.

    • Allaine

      Joe you should really try and open your eyes a bit not everyone that is overweight is like that from eating too much! some people have serious medical conditions that cause weight gain due to the medications that they have take to stay alive! Don’t be so quick to judge someone, and stop being such a jerk!

  • Dawn Elkins

    Shallow people.. she is not saying people should not be ashamed of their wieght.. she is saying they should not let the shame they feel stop them from dancing and doing what they want. I wonder what is worse in this country; over weight folks who can lose weight or non comeprehensive judtemental folks who have no brain and cant fix stupid???? hmmmmm

    • sheila

      Dawn, I would have to say it is the latter on that. some ppl have thyroid problems or other medical conditions where it is very hard for them to take off the weight……others are just to the point that they don’t care or just lazy. she is neither. she also conveys that she is tired of living in other ppls ideas and letting everyone know that she is comfortable with who she is no matter what her size and society should not judge her.

  • oldglasslady

    You go Girl! Don’t let your weight (or anything else) stop you from anything you want to do! Too many haters in this world to listen to anyone else but your own heart!

  • priscilla

    I would love to be able to do this I need to loose weight a lot like 40lb and have been trying but is hard and I love to dance so will keep trying and you go girl

  • Christina Emery

    I think she was really good. She isn’t setting on the couch or stuffing her face. She is up and moving. She only danced for a few minutes and that didn’t hurt her at all. She looked happy doing it too. Good for her and to anyone else who is happy with their own body.

  • stephanie

    I honestly feel like shes just telling people to love yourself no matter what size you are. I feel like you shouldnt judge anyone period. Its their burden or whatever no yours

  • Jannel Hall

    Some of u folks on here are sad and sound real dumb..she is not saying be fat and why in Gods name should she stop dancing…she did the video to encourage people.and you all get on here trying to discourage..I can surely tell who is miserable as hell and have no life…how do u get what some of u have said out of the video..Dee never explain things to ignorant people honey Jesus Himself shook the dust and kept it moving…It is no one business why the weight is there I myself had to take steroids and within a very few days I gaind ovet 50 pounds…I lost it over the years but I no how meds will do u and if ur on meds for the rest of ur life….well anywaythank God u have a healthy heart and a generous heart unlike some of these so called humans on her…dance dance and dance..they are probably mad bcuz they cnt move like you…they cant touch u..keep touching lives baby girl when u have negative ppl doing that u no ur doing someting right …b blessed

  • LDB

    I wish I was this coordinated! Im a white, overweight girl…and I definitely cant dance like that. If I could, I definitely would, though! You go girl!

  • amanda

    Embrace the word ‘fat’? Yeah, she can dance, but she might want to address why she gained 200 POUNDS, putting her health and life at risk. I know we shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies, as a recovered (?) eating disordered patient, anorexic and bulimic, I am trying to learn that. But nobody is obese or fat by accident. I applaud her for moving around and dancing (which I used to do and love and miss it). I hope this woman’s video encourages others to get moving. For their health first and foremost. But ‘fat’ as something positive? Sorry, can’t. As a nurse, I see all the time the toll that obesity has on a person. And it’s gross.

    • Allaine

      wow as a nurse you of all people should know that some medical conditions because of medication used to treat them cause weight gain.!!!!!!!!

      • amanda

        She said nothing about medications or medical problems.
        And yes antipsychotics make people fat. I also know a lot of fat nurses.

  • Amy

    Weight issues: some are due to medications that have added pounds. Physical ailments. Overeating. Lack of exercise…
    For me it has been a little bit of some of the above mentioned.
    How about just loving yourself? Enough to figure out why you overeat. Or don’t feel like exercising? The heart of the matter-
    Love yourself enough to care for yourself. Small or large. You won’t regret it.
    Preaching to myself as well as, to others here.

  • Kaycie Smith

    The big picture is that much weight is unhealthy. Can people truly be happy with their body when they are unhealthy? You shouldnt settle and learn how to “accept” your body. Its not about size. Do you think all skinny people are healthy and love their body. No. Dont learn to accept your body. If you vr happy with who you are and the size of your body then there’s nothing to learn to accept. You will already love who you are

  • Barb

    Dancing and swimming are 2 of the most known ways to lose weight. Start slowly and work up to faster rhythms. I love dancing, and danced for many many years, keeping my weight down. When I quit dancing the weight began to pile on.

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