Horrible winter weather negatively impacting restaurants

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The horrible winter weather caused a horrible January for Missouri restaurants.  Reggie Grille, a customer at Anthonino’s on The Hill said, “We cooked at home more often.”

The owners at Anthonino’s would like to see bigger crowds and fewer empty tables.  Jim Grile, a customer, said, “There was a couple nights we would have gone out but since the weather was so bad, the road conditions were so bad, we just stayed at home and cooked at home.”

Downtown at Joe Bucks they saw a small drop in sales in January, but they are hearing horror stories from the operators of other eating establishments.  Alli Hughey, the Vice President of Operations said, “We have talked with a lot of local restaurants that have seen some of the worst numbers in history.”

Devoted Blues Hockey fans dined before Thursday night’s game, if the weather turns really bad they may still go to the game but slushy streets or sidewalks may cause them to skip the restaurant.  Hughey added, “People are not going to walk that extra block or two to come to the restaurant.”

Job buck’s employs more than 100 workers. Anthonino’s has a staff of 35. These are people who need to work, need folks to dine out even if the flakes fall.  Anthony Scarato, one of the owners of Anthonino’s said, “Most of them are students, some have graduated some, have children just starting out with their families. We have a large force that relies on the business.”

Weekends of course are usually the best days for restaurants, unfortunately a lot of bad winter weather has hit on the weekends.

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