“Reverse” job fair Thursday night

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(KTVI) - Ladies and gentlemen, computer programmers and techies...direct your attention to this story.

Get ready for a job fair because Thursday night, tech jobs are "under the big top."  Tech guru Chris Heivly, who co-founded Mapquest, talks about the fair and why it's so different.

Sponsored by Bio STL, this circus-themed 'reverse' job fair will feature 10 of St. Louis` most interesting tech companies as they take the stage to pitch their companies to job seekers - not the other way around.

It's happening Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30pm on Feb. 6 at the Lumen, 2201 Locust.  The fair is free.

·     Presenting companies:

o     Daugherty Business Solutions

o     Pixel Press

o     TDK Technologies

o     FoodEssentials

o     LockerDome

o     CrowdSource

o     Pushup Social

o     RoverTown

o     Monsanto

o     Coolfire

·     Each company will be given 3 minutes on stage to 'sell' themselves and their jobs to the job seekers in a fun and memorable way such as skits, video clips, singing, etc.

·     Every company will also have a table where job seekers can go to talk to company representatives and explore the job opportunities further.


  • Bob

    If you’re over 40, don’t bother to show up, because you couldn’t possibly be smart enough for these jobs. They’re only going to hire people who spent a few months at their last job learning the latest and greatest stuff.

  • chejkalcfh

    As someone ‘over 40′ I think all should remember one thing we have going for us is __ WE SHOW UP__
    And that is worth a LOT to most companies, skills can be taught, even to us old dogs’, showing up for work constantly unquestioningly is
    not something too many ‘younger folks’ have .

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