Salt shortage Across Country: Alton Stretch Salt Supplies

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ALTON  ( KTVI)- States throughout the county are dealing with a crisis, a shortage  of rock salt  to help melt ice on roadways. However , that's not the case in Alton Illinois.   Alton's Public Works Director , Bob Barnhart  says the City of Alton is in good shape. The department is adding the 3/16-inch crushed stone aggregate and cinders   to help stretch the salt application. Alton stocked up on road salt last summer .

Barnhart also says  the chemicals also helps motorist' traction. "  Adding the aggregate in there  to be used as an ice control will allow drivers  to get more traction especially in our city  because we have a lot of hills and brick streets. As you know, hills and ice don't' mix,"said Barnhart. The Public Works Director went on to say ," when it rains or the pavement warms, the salt melts and wash away. With the aggregate and the cinder it  will provide traction on the wet streets. "Salt was $40 a ton last summer and now more than $300 a ton." We keep more than we need on hand so we are prepared," said Barnhart.

The city says it will not order any more salt until this summer when  prices are expected  to decline .

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