School district using taxpayer’s money to send school board on trip

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VENICE, IL (KTVI)--  You Paid For It investigates a tiny Metro East school district mulling over a big trip.

The Venice School District has set aside $17,000 to send the entire school board to a conference in New Orleans if they make a final decision to go, this when there are just 150 students in the entire school district.

Investigator Elliott Davis couldn't get his phone calls returned, so he showed up at the school board meeting to confront those making the decision on whether to spend your money on this idea.

Our investigation revealed how many other school districts in the Metro East are taking a pass on the New Orleans Conference of the National School Board. Edwardsville told me their board members just don't go to out of town conferences.

You can hear how Venice officials answer Elliott's questions in this You Paid For It.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    You Paid For It is sometimes rigiht on the money. But more often, it’s just trivial fluff.

    This is the trivial fluff.

    Wow. $17,000 for a trip to New Orleans?

    Wanna go see some REAL taxpayer waste? Go see the fabulous trips the Boeing executives and board makes on the taxpayer dime! Go check out Boeing sometime – they spend $17,000 in 1 second on some overpaid executive’s golden parachute lifetime benefits, all on the taxpayer dime. Go check out some of the bilions we waste on useless military garbage, and $750 hammers.

    As usual, this is peanuts compared to the waste of taxpayer money that happens everyday in the private sector. Go check out how real estate developers and WalMart and oil companies use taxpayer funds for fabulous luxury! Quit picking on little school districts. But I guess this is better for ratings with the brain-dead Tea Party crown.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Another failed school courtesy of fatcat teachers union and they are being picked on? You must be one of those with the low test scores..Obviously pro-union and pro-democrat..Waste your own money, but lefties never do..

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