Church intern arrested for sexually assaulting multiple children

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A California man cannot escape allegations he molested boys in St. Louis County nearly seven years ago; boys he met while he was an intern the First Christian Church of Florissant on Patterson Road.

Brandon Milburn, is locked up in the St. Louis County Jail.

He’s charged with 6 counts of statutory sodomy.

His bail is set at $100,000 cash only.

Milburn is accused of repeatedly molesting the boys at their homes beginning in 2007.

He moved to California in 2010, police said.

Detectives called him in for questioning when he returned to St. Louis for a family function last week.

The two victims only recently came forward.

“It usually takes some time for the children to process what may have happened, then they come forward with the disclosure usually a little bit later on.  We were just a little bit concerned that we could have more victims in the area that have contact with our suspect,” said Sgt. Matt Redmond of the St. Louis County Police Department.

First Christian Church Executive Pastor, Dr. Tyler Brown issued a statement Tuesday night.

It said, in part, “our first concern is with how we can best help any victim heal - we will assist (investigators) any way we can as our church family works through this.”

Milburn was on the production staff of the Real Life Church in Valencia, CA, about 35 miles north of Los Angeles at the time of his arrest.

The executive pastor there told Fox 2 the allegations were very much out of character for the man he thought he knew.  He said there were no allegations there yet.

Milburn faces 10 years to life per count, if convicted.

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First Christian Church in Florissant

First Christian Church in Florissant


  • Joel

    Someone who claims to be doing the work of a god used that pretense to satisfy some carnal desire by raping our youth? Well, I’ve *never* heard of such nonsense. I’ll just add this to the list of all the great thing religious beliefs bring to the table.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Don’t forget to include all the public school teachers that do the same thing,and then get a check..just like the teachers union boss in michigan, convicted of raping an 11 year old boy and getting a 10k check while in prison..Churches are definitely not perfect, but private schools are far and away superior to public school waste and perversion like same gender bathrooms and predator teachers at taxpayer expense..Guess you are just another misinformed atheist..*how rare!*

      • Joel

        You don’t get to act like I’ve condoned anyone raping anyone. And as for my being misinformed… try again. 12 years christian schooling as well as an eagle scout. I know what is what in your book of lies as well as the disgusting people who force it upon others, not unlike yourself. Private schools are different than religious based schools ANY informed person knows this. Educate yourself.

      • Joel

        The people who hold my position bash on believing in magic while you and those like you take children’s innocence. Who has the moral high ground?

  • Mud

    Atheists believe that r.ape, murder and theft is fine as long as they do not get caught.

    They think it might be wrong but they are not sure why.

    • Joel

      Q) Do you accept any of the god claims?

      A) No.

      Being an atheist addresses nothing more than this single issue.

      As for who believes what is “fine”, do some research. Those who accept any god claim commit far more crimes, by percentage of the population, than those who do not.

      Gullible & stupid is no way to go thru this life. The only one any of us know for certain we get. Educate yourself.

  • Joel

    No thanks… I don’t need a handout nor someone to pay my debts. I work hard for what I have and even harder at making certain I don’t need to accept things on poor evidence in order to feel as tho I’m forgiven for the things I’ve done that may have harmed others… I earn the forgiveness, from those I wronged.

  • Phantom

    All morality comes from God, Atheists declare that God does not exist,
    so they can sin, Period.

    They want us to believe that everything is acceptable, including any vile act they can conceive in their pea brains.

    Scientific studies show that atheists have a mental handicap and are missing the ‘God Gene’ in their scull.

    But they want to hang their rain.bow flags and believe rump riders are normal.

  • Show-me

    Give us one example of a animal species on this planet that has evolved into something else. (not adaption, like the finches in the Galapagos).
    Just one. Show us one example of a species in the midst of this change.

    That’s what I thought.

  • Emily

    I knew this guy and went to church with him and liked him. I want to see him rot in prison just like the rest of you because that’s what he deserves. Just because a few people in the church do these horrible things, you make assumptions about every other Christian. Nobody is perfect. However, I hope he rots in prison for betraying and taking advantage of those young boys.

      • Betty

        Every sin is equal in God’s eyes and we are all sinners and thankfully God does give us grace. However, there is a difference between God’s grace and receiving justice for what you have done. Even though every sin is equal in Gods eyes not every sin is viewed equally among the justice system and God says we are to submit to the authorities or we will be punished. What this man has done is very sick and he deserves to pay for that here on earth. God will forgive Him and show him grace if asked but that does not take away from the fact that he needs to spend a long time in prison.

  • Chris

    Not to say he is innocent. But I do believe the word accused is used there. How can anyone judge him until a court does.

  • Chris

    You would think that would be more highlighted than a five word sentence in the middle of the story. Like oh by the way he has confessed. They still play it off like he hadn’t admitted to it.

  • Jack

    I don’t think we need to prematurely judge this man, any more than we need to judge the relative merits of christians and atheists. Christians and athiests both can be child molesters. Whether you believe truth comes from God, or nature, or man, the issue is not your beliefs, but your actions. But as for the case, what is needed is not punishment, but restoration. That should be the main focus in any event.

  • Erin

    I, too, knew him. I worked with him at church. I am stunned, speechless and just plain sad. My kids and I loved him! This makes me sick! I pray the victims get the help they need and can heal.

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