Youth minister accused of sexually abusing teens in Fairview Heights

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SHILOH, IL (KTVI) – A youth minister at First Baptist Church in Fairview Heights Illinois is accused of sexually abusing young boys. Jeffrey Strait, 47, has been charged with four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse with a victim over 13, but under the age of 17. Police say the incidents occurred at his home in Shiloh, Illinois.

In a release Shiloh Police say, "We are confident that none of these acts were committed at the First Baptist Church and that no other personnel at the church knew that the offenses were being committed."

Jeffrey Strait is currently being held at the St. Clair County Jail. His bond is set at $500,000.

Police are looking for more victims and more leads in this case. If you have any information call the Shiloh Police Department at 618-632-9047.


    • Joel

      It is unfair Bob… you should distrust anyone gullible enough to believe in magic or that they have the ear of the creator of the universe and can simply wish something into being! Grow up people! They tell you to give them your money then they help themselves to your children… it is a scam.

      • Joel

        There are no xtain children… only children who’s parents push their nonsense upon them and not only put them at risk but also teach how to not think critically.

      • CatRescuer1

        I know many, many Christan children. The children I know are exposed to the teachings of the church and the Bible, but they make their own choice with regards to baptism and membership. Neither young children (nor infants) are allowed to be baptized in my religion (nondenominational Christian) until they are of an age where they can fully understand their decision and make it of their own accord, and that is after having gone through pre-baptism counseling to make sure it is what they want and that they understand the meaning and ramifications of their decision.

        That said, your response did not answer my initial question.

      • Joel

        Yeah the teachings of the bible like its ok to own another human being as property?? Don’t teach any of that to anyone. And you clearly are at least stupid enough to believe in talking snakes and donkeys. That speaks even more poorly of a school who gave you a nickle than it does even of you. Hey CatRescuer1, please stop lying to and raping our children.

      • CatRescuer1

        You still have not answered the question. Attempting to insult me is simply avoidance of having a thoughtful discussion on the matter. Also, your latter statement could be legally actionable, as you have just libeled me by accusing me of child molestation. You should be much more careful about what you write in a public forum. I won’t bother with correcting your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage mistakes. If your elementary school teachers were unsuccessful, I shouldn’t think I would have any better luck.

      • Joel

        I answered you… “there are no xtain children”.

        I will repeat… STOP LYING TO AND RAPING OUR CHILDREN, CatResuer1!!!

      • CatResuer1LikesChildRapists

        Are there Republican or Democrat children? No. Just as there are not xtian children… xtianity is an ideology that parents force upon the kids while they are still pliable enough to accept it. Because they know by age 12 any child smarter than your retarded cats would find it laughable and immoral. It is never ok to own another human being as property. The xtian holy book says it is acceptable. Your doG is even more immoral than you. And that is saying quite something!

      • CatRescuer1

        By what standard and what evidence are you judging my morality? You do not know me, and I do not presume to judge you, as I have no basis for it. If you would like to have a calm and courteous discourse, that is fine, but I have witnessed nothing but personal attacks and overt bullying.

      • CatRescuer1LikesChildRapists

        You are 100% correct, I do not know you. I know only what you have stated here… You have defended xtianity. A belief system that clearly states in Exodus 21 it is ok to own another human being as property! You know this and still choose to accept it as a basis to run your life despite this fact. (I hope it is despite & not because of it!) ANYONE including yourself who is capable of such things is insufferably immoral. And if your doG allows this to happen to ‘his people’ he is either impotent or evil and not only is he unworthy of worship… he should be hanged for this and you along side him on the gallows for condoning and perpetuating the ideology that makes for the opportunity for this sick man and SOOOOOOOOOOOO many like him to continue raping our children. This is an everyday occurrence anymore… another church person using their ‘authority’ to manipulate kids into being quite for fear of a make believe punishment! When will people like yourself open your eyes and see all the evil your nonsensical wishes for an imaginary friend brings to the civilized amongst us?

        And you’ve not been bullied… I only speak the truth. Bluntly? Very much so. That is what you need. Because you’ve had your chance to hear the polite words asking that it stop. Now I demand it and will ridicule the ridiculousness because it is deserving and our children are deserving of better! You don’t like it? Drop the fairy tales and join us in reality! Where raping a child is as wrong as owning another person! If you choose not to… don’t play the victim when you’re called out for exactly the immoral PoS you’ve proudly portrayed yourself as.

        Anything more?

      • SteveSweeneyIsaB1tch


        Awe. U MAD BRO!? LAWL

        I invite you to show up anyplace I am… we live in a day of CCW, Steven. I am not some teenage boy. Step to me… your body will whistle on the way to the floor.

    • CatRescuer1

      I don’t understand your comment. All parents should be charged with child endangerment and have their children taken away? Why? Where would all of the children in the world go?

      • CatRescuer1

        I am stupid because I am questioning your nonsensical comment? I graduated from high school with a 4.135 GPA and from graduate school with a 4.0. My IQ is 145, I got a full academic scholarship for my undergraduate degree to a private university, and I have a Master’s Degree plus additional graduate credit hours beyond the degree. Suffice it to say, I am not stupid. Further, my rescue works demonstrates a high level of empathy for others and a desire to better the world around me.

        In addition, my user name is “CatRescuer1”, not “catrescue”. It should have been capitalized and followed by a comma preceding the word “stay”. The appropriate preposition in the predicate part of the sentence would be “with”, not “of”.

  • CatRescuer1

    Oh, and “stay” should not have been capitalized (unless you chose to use a colon instead of a comma immediately preceding “stay”, of course).

    • Just laughing at the obvious

      It’s funny that when people have run out of any kind of an argument, they resort to being “grammar nazi” lol… “I don’t know what I’m talking about to begin with but, I know that’s not supposed to be capitalized…I still get to be right about something, yay!!!” lol

      • CatRescuer1

        You miss the point entirely. I did not correct the contributor’s grammar because “I don’t know what I’m talking about”; rather, I was not presented with any logical refutation of my arguments in order to continue the debate. Instead, my intelligence was challenged, so I was simply proving which person was lacking in intelligence since that was the respondent’s chosen tangent.

        For your enjoyment:

  • CatRescuer1

    Oh, there should be a comma after “cats”. My apologies; there are so many errors that it is difficult to keep up.

  • Dark Lord

    The key word is accoused. The way this reads is one person that accused him 4 times. Be careful to judge since all it would take is for any random did to accuse you of sexual misconduct and your face would be on this page. Until he is convicted your shouldn’t judge.

    • The Duck Man (Dark Lord's Lord)

      Sure, and I’m a freakin leprechaun!!! Duuuuuuh!!!! i bet you’re one of those shaved head micro managers that think they are always right!!! Walking around thinking they are Bruce Willis from Deep Impact, wearing a red shirt and talking about “vision” all the time…

      • Dark Lord's Biggest Fan

        Hey, watch it buddy!!! Dark Lord is the greatest, most wonderful person I know!!! In fact, if I hear you say another bad thing about him, I’m going to shave off all my beautiful hair and braid it and strangle you with it!!!

      • The Hobbit

        Everyone is so mean to this man; these accusations can’t be true because it clearly states that he is of the Baptist faith not Catholic Faith so touching young boys would be out of the question.

    • Boy Tooting his "Horn"

      …with all due respect, can we be a little more civilized, this isn’t band camp after all…
      Hey, who took my coffee pot!!!!

      • Dark Lord's Security

        Please refrain from inappropriately approaching the Dark Lord with any false or obscure gestures. Hey Boy, your coffee pot was thrown out over a month ago when the stench was a bit to strong coming from it concerning its over usage. over and out.

      • My Dark-Lord's Lord's Lord's Lord

        It’s not my coffee pot it’s my HONEY pot, you silly goose!!! And speaking of IQ’s mine’s getting bigger just thinking about it!!!

      • Dark Lord's nephew

        What are your upcoming dates for band camp for 2014? I am pretty comfortable with my tuba but I was hoping you can teach me how to play that sexy french horn of yours

      • Big Friendly Giant

        You know what we really need here is more love and understanding and people giving each other chocolate covered strawberries. Please don’t cut your hair off DLBF. I love to run my hands through it.

  • CatRescuer1

    I already proved that there are Christian children; nothing in my argument was challenged or disproved. Do you have any proof that I have lied to or raped a child? If not, I suggest you retract your statements, as these could be grounds for a defamation lawsuit:

    “Social Media and Defamation

    With the rise of social media, it’s now easier than ever to make a defamatory statement. That’s because social media services like Twitter and Facebook allow you to instantly “publish” a statement that can reach thousands of people. Whether it’s a disparaging blog post, Facebook status update, or YouTube video, online defamation is treated the same way as more traditional forms. That means you can be sued for any defamatory statements you post online.”

    I am not sure why I continue to attempt to have an intelligent conversation when it is quite apparent that it is one-sided. With that, I shall return to my advanced graduate school work. Good day to you.

    • CatRescuer1

      My husband and I just built a beautiful brand new 2500 square foot home. We own four cats, all special needs. I foster cats for several rescue organizations. I save cats out of high kill shelters when they go on the euthanization list. I have, to date, saved 129 lives in the past 19 months.

      I do not understand the purpose of your quote from my previous post, nor your continued insinuation that I am stupid despite a great deal of evidence to the contrary.

      “You’re”, not “your”, is the appropriate form here. You are seeking the contraction, not the possessive form. “Idiot” does not have any numerals in it. What am I to surmise about your intelligence based on your previous posts which are tangential to the topic? Stupid is as stupid does. Indeed.

  • Sick of Pedophiles.

    I can only that prisoners are doing to this loser as he did to other little boys, wander if they used any lubricant! because you know he is a coward and cannot defend himself to someone his on size. Hope he gets it everyday of his worthless life.

  • Kim

    Oh my…where to go with any of this. There are people ready to put this man to death before a verdict. Regardless that he is a youth minister, that’s not the issue. Teachers, government officials, crazy neighbors…this could’ve been anyone hurting children. If it were my child, I wouldn’t blame the faith I would blame the person. So if it had been a teacher, would that mean ALL teachers are pedophiles? You know they clearly show interest in children, go to college to get paid to be around them. Doesn’t that logic seem a bit extreme? This has been an open window for nonbelievers to flaunt their own ideology. But you’re not presenting yourselves in the best light. How can anyone take you serious if your main weapon is sarcasm and mean words? This story is disturbing, but we have to wait for the facts before we judge this man…before God judges him. Maybe that church is hurting right now because they never intended anything like this to happen. Maybe they feel broken. This man’s family is clearly going through a very hard time, this isn’t necessarily a reflection on their moral standards or values. Let us try to muster up some respect for grieving families, both victim and accused.

    • CatRescuer1LikesChildRapists

      Show me a testable, verifiable measure to indicate there is this god you speak of, please? I can show you instance after instance whereby people like this man utilize the fact that they claim to have authority over children to take advantage of them… start by reading this and the many other articles this week alone from the St. Louis area!
      Is it unfortunate that the accused family is eating S right now… perhaps. But ALL of my respect will be spent on the victim. He did nothing and will deal with the repercussions of this disgusting mans actions for the rest of his life! Stop protecting your silly beliefs, a crummy, dusty old book of fables and most of all this mans insufferable deeds! When you open your mouth in such a way you place yourself only marginally above him. It, you, him and all of the like are pathetic and should be told so. You beliefs and rantings sound like those made by people who lived in caves. Those who lived have the excuse of having lived in caves… What is your excuse, Kim??

  • DogTheBrownieHunter

    I went to high school with CatRescuer1. She is a really sweet. But those cats! She always had a unpleasant smell. Like when you get a whiff of pee, but you try to smell it again, but then you can’t find out where it came from? You know what I mean? I guess she was smart. But I don’t think she was like FBI smart. I think she was more like USPS smart. Big heart though. I tried to lean in for a kiss once and all I got was cat hair and that weird pee smell.

  • steven sweeney

    PERFECT examples of atheists..Hate filled attacks lacking in substance..Funny how they only have a beef with Christianity for “slavery way back when” and some child molestation..Yet in the Muslim world, they currently own 27 million slaves, marry 8 and 9 year olds in Yemen, Pakistan, Congo, nigeria, etc.,Murder women by stoning, throw acid in kids faces for going to school, and yet these atheists have no mention or no problem with any of that,,One question: Are atheists that stupid, or that hypocritical? Next time you cowardly idiots need some attention, get out of mommy’s basement and get a F*cking obviously have a lot of growing up to do..then have mommy teach you how to read a newspaper and learn some facts as easily as you hide behind your numerous email accounts like the gutless p*ssies you are..then just maybe, you won’t look or sound sooo very stupid..I doubt it though..God bless America, except for the cowardly, gutless atheists..

    • CatRescuer1LikesChildRapists

      If I lived in a country when Islam was an issue I’d speak out about that. Instead I live where those like Steve Sweeney is either raping children or coming to the aid of those who do. Thus, I speak out on this.

      As for the rest of your comment… it hardly warrants this much.

  • SteveSweeneyIsaB1tch

    You can find me easier than that… follow your wife at lunchtime. I’m the one you’ve been tasting low these many years.

  • Steven Sweeney

    The only difference between joel and this minister is that the minister didn’t bully and slander an innocent woman..the minister also didn’t post defamatory lies about people that disagreed with him..congratulations Joel! you sank lower than a predator minister!!

      • Steven Sweeney

        Joel sure loves hiding behind fake accounts and fake names..I think Joel is defrocked scoutmaster who is now registered and too afraid of using his real name, since people will find out he is registered..(not to vote) Joel, grow up! and i hope the inmates take mercy on you, when those cub scouts fail to keep your “secret”.. keep hiding, and please, stay 1000 yards from playgrounds and daycare centers like you were ordered to do..

  • Justice For All

    Remember: in this great country of ours we are presumed INNOCENT until proven guilty. Furthermore, a person’s IQ is not indicative of an individual’s maturity (or immaturity). 2 separate issues! Enough said.

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