3-year-old in critical condition after early-morning crash

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(KTVI) – A child is in critical condition after an early-morning crash.

The accident happened at Vandeventer and Natural Bridge Avenue around 2:00 a.m.  There are few details about the accident, but St. Louis Police a three year old child suffered a head injury.

The child was taken to the hospital and is currently listed in critical condition.  Vandeventer at Natural Bridge is closed while accident reconstruction crews investigate the crash.


  • Buddy

    who had a baby out at 2AM?? Was it in a carseat and it stil sustained those serious injuries? How about some more details?

  • bystander

    Who knows y the child was out that late but the car the child was in flipped multiple times on impact the suv that hit the car with the toddler was speeding

  • Shelle

    It IS possible that they were coming home from picking the child up at the babysitters. You know not everyone who has children goes home when the street lights turn on. For all you know it could have been the parents’ date night, or a concert they went to or whatever. Not everyone who is driving their kid home at 2 am is a bad parent.

    • Nicole Reiss

      I agree my kids go out late with us my husband works very late you NEVER judge someone maybe the toddler was sick and they needed to get medicine maybe the baby needed diapers do you know the parents if not don’t judge I hope the parent and the child recover no the parent may not have been physically injured but their 3 year old is in critical condition the have emotional pain right now God Bless this family and the baby :)

  • lj

    Hope the child is ok. Put in perspective the location of accident and time babies need to be in there bed at that hour

  • lindsay

    Prayers for this baby and family. And I didn’t get my kids home and in bed till 3:15 am. We were coming back from being out of town and got a flat tire that held us up for hours because my full size spare was not drive able and we just bought the car and didn’t think to look before going on a trip. Quit being so judgemental.

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