Quiz: Which State is “Snowless?”

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I grabbed this shot at my parent's house, in Mundelein. My name is Arseny Medvedev, I am the owner of Foques Photo, and can be reached - if need be - at ArsenyM@foquesphoto.com

(KTVI) –  The United States has been hit hard by winter weather.  Most of the country is blanketed by snow or ice and forecasters say there’s more on the way.

Right now, 49 of the 50 states have snow on the ground.  Take our poll and guess which state doesn’t have any snow.


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  • Jeff

    I knew it was Florida! You gotta fight the urge to guess places that are warm/hot, yet you know has mountains and are above the 35th parallel. Not to say that snow can’t fall below that latitude, but in general the 35th parallel is where snow starts to accumulate northward (except on the East Coast and in higher elevations). Out of the list Arizona borders the 35th parallel, yet has some monstrous mountains (which get snow). Nevada is fridged cold on the winter and is above the 35th parallel. Hawaii stays temperate all year round with about temperatures averaging around 75 degree F, but they have high mountains which get snow capped. Texas doesn’t usually see much snow, but it’s more common for Dallas and other Northern Texas to see snow just simply due to it’s proximity to the 35th parallel. Then we have Florida. Florida (believe it or not) does see snow sometimes, but it’s an extremely rare event! Just this year they saw a light snow accumulation, but that doesn’t happen very often, if ever. Florida’s subtropical climate doesn’t allow it to see or accumulate snow (for the most part).

  • Christina

    My grandparents are in Florida right now and they have sent me pictures of the snow on the ground there. So I’d say your poll is wrong.

    • Jeff

      Christina, with all due respect, I’m going quote the article in order to prove you wrong. “RIGHT NOW 49 out of 50 states have snow on the ground. Which State is snowless?”. The key word capitalized to place emphasis on the current state of affairs is RIGHT NOW. Yes you are correct that Florida had snow this year, but that snow has long melted and is not currently accumulating any more snow on the ground. So yes I am right.

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