Kurt & Brenda Warner help single mothers move into new homes

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NORTH ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Former Rams Quarterback Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda handed two single mothers the keys to new homes just in time for Valentine's Day.

But, one woman did not expect the house to be fully-furnished.  She screamed, ran, and smiled when she saw the living room set Thursday afternoon.

The Warners’ First Things First Foundation teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to find the unsuspecting candidates, who have worked hard to become first-time homebuyers.


  • Renie

    Some of you people sound very ignorant and uneducated. I am a single parent. I am also divorced and I do not receive any help from my ex husband or the government. I am a professional, and I spend the majority of my salary on childcare. If someone were to give me a house, I would see it as a blessing, not a reward. You assume that someone is on welfare because she is a single parent? Please remember that when you exalt yourself, God will humble you. You may need to be humbled to recognize how easily you can lose everything, and be in need of a blessing.

    • STL

      I so agree with you and the ignorance on here. And yes, the rich kids get rid of theirs. Stop making it out to be just the poor and blacks.

    • Lin

      First of all Rene…I’d like you to know that I too was an unwed mother. I stopped after the first one. I worked for what I wanted and needed. I didn’t take a dime off of the government even tho they came to my hospital room and asked if I wanted it. So I know all too well what the struggle is about. The “rich” girls having abortions are under a different statistic. But I have to say this for them, I’m not exactly pro abortion, but at least they are not over populating the country and depleating the government’s funds. And to STL. Where do you see anywhere in any of the comments on here where it is all blacks? There is no one but YOU that has brought up the race card. But if you want to talk statistics there, 68% of all black children are born to unwed mothers.

  • Nancy

    Habitat for Humanity does NOT give away houses. These women put in 350 hours of work on their homes and attended classes. Then they purchase their home with a low or no interest mortgage. The Warners gave them furniture, but not a house.

  • tiredofpayingtaxesfornothing

    Everyone needs a helping hand sometime watch who u kick on the way up the ladder cause u will need them same people on the way down

  • Marla Ryan

    I’m a single mom of two with a deadbeat ex. I wish someone would let me out in 350 of work hours and let me buy home at a low interest rate. However I make too much even though it’s just barely enough to get by. Would love to go back to school, however I don’t qualify for government loans because I am only one step above the white male. Yeah, I have to agree the government assistance definitely needs to be a little less free with their hand outs. I know when I lost my job I was forced to find work quickly (not that I don’t want to) and support my family because it wasn’t as easily obtained. Also there is nothing wrong with taking government assistance if you need. It’s those that abuse it that should be ashamed

  • Blessed4Life

    So many people are unaware of the realities of the life blacks and whites live. It’s a fact that there are more and more teenage pregnancy going on but it didn’t start in this time- it started with our ancestors but the difference was- it was a village (family) that helped raise the children instead of people turning on one another. Get your heads out of the clouds. GOD is the only one that can judge and again everything that goes up must come down!!!

  • Jackie

    Well I know all to well who gets the government assistance because I issue it. It’s a mixture of all races. It’s not just one race. My sister is a habitat owner and her home was furnished by the Warner’s. She as well as my family all helped her. My sister is a professional as well. God will show himself to all the people that put other people down because they need government assistance. Remember when you’re pointing your finger at someone there are three others pointing back at you.

  • steven sweeney

    Too many people game the system..EBT cards are being used in casinos, strip clubs, and even disneyworld..illegal aliens get welfare and aren’t even supposed to be here..13 and 14 year olds have abused the system cause they won’t work and collect for generations..I for one, am tired of paying for it..Corporate welfare does exist, but at least they give some jobs and revenue to their communities..these parasites give nothing and take everything..Working a measley 8 or 9 weeks doesn’t qualify you for a house unless you’re an unethical sponge..the Bahamas has NO welfare..you work or don’t eat..If they did that here, you wouldn’t know what a single mama was..

  • Eviemichelle

    As I read the comments, it is clear that the perception of individuals, especially black individuals that receive any kind of government assistance, must be lazy and un willing to want to change. Have you all hear of the working poor. These are those people that go to work all day everyday and still don’t have enough. It hurts our communties and schools when parents only have time to work. We miss out on truly raising our children and enjoying them, because we just trying to feed them. The idea is to keep you enslaved to a system that will never allow you to get ahead for generations. Black people are not the majority receiving these benefits either. Welfare was created for whites and they still are the majority in who get benefits. For every black person that recieves any kind of government assistance, there are at least 3 white people receiving assistance. Stop being lied to and lied on. They say the middle class is what built this country, that is a lie as well, it is the working poor. The middle class are who get to perpetuate the lie that we all have the same shot at getting ahead. They are quickly learning that is not true. They get a lot of debt not assets. Working poor do the jobs no one else will do, but that have to be done and still go hungry!

  • Kanesha

    As I read all the messages , I don’t c anywhere , where as
    Somebody saying , how wonderful this is for this family to finally receive a home of their own. It just goes to show how much people are out here with hate and racism built up inside, I am disgusted that people always tend to go out of their way to turn a positive situation into a negative situation.. Smh

  • Raggedy Ann

    REJOICE IN WHAT OTHERS HAVE, GOD LOVES EVERYONE, AS WE SHOULD LOVE EACH OTHER. PRAY FOR THOSE NOT AS FORTUNATE AS YOU, HELP THEM, DONT CONDEMN THEM. most people are one pay check away from Poverty, you never know what could happen. Stop the hatefulness

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