Jaco: Losing the gay culture war

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(KTVI) – On the Jaco Report, Charles Jaco shared his thoughts on the so-called "gay culture war".  He states that sometimes when you’re in the middle of a war, it's hard to realize the war is s over and you’ve lost. Charles thinks this is how the anti-gay cultural warriors feel as support for same-sex marriage grows and people like All-American Mizzou defensive end Michael Sam come out as gay.

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  • Mary Anne

    Read the Bible Charles. Youll find out who has won! And it’s not those who take part in the SIN of homosexuality. Jesus!!!

  • Steven Sweeney

    done to death..every day somebody comes out..who cares? People should keep their preferences private, but the LGBT community is so starved for attention,they HAVE to force their opinions and preferences on anybody and everybody..LGBT is their own worst enemy..Preferences should be like charity: do what you wish, but discussing it is very tacky..

  • juqwan

    Its not the fact that people are angry and for you to insinuate that people object to gays or homosexual marriage is nonsense. god forbid someone doesnt agree with your personal preference. i as a parent find it immoral and do not want my kids subjected to men nor women making out with each other on tv. its constantly thrown in our face. its a disgrace.

    • juqwan

      Bigots! hahaha STAY OUT OF THERE BEDROOM.! If it was not thrown in our faces daily shoved down out throats that it is normal.. keep your business in your the room. i do not care what you do. quit pushing it on everyone else.

      • Jamie

        See that is the problem with society, everyone thinks that we all have our own rights we should do what we want and that every one should be hush hush. It’s homesexuals that is legal now, pretty soon it will be a man with three wives or two wives and a husband, the more that happens the worst that immorality gets. America was founded and based on Godly men, yes George Washington was a godly man, why do you think that America was so blessed, because our laws were founded on Gods laws, in return we received blessings, the farther and farther we get away from Gods rilles the more and more curses our country gets, we use to be number one always the lender financial, now we are the borrower, a curse. California is have a major drought where the biggest percentage of our vegation comes from, a curse. The birth rate in America is low, a curse, divorce all theese things are going on, it is prophesied in the bible over and over what happens when a nation does not follow God, we will go into slavery. Wake up look around we can’t just sit around and not stand for what’s wrong! Get your bibles out! Educate yourselves before they get taken away to!

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