Missouri welfare cards being used for purchases in Virgin Islands

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KTVI) - Questionable use of Missouri electronic welfare cards revealed in a state audit.

The report says hundreds of thousands of dollars that were supposed to be spent here may instead have been spent in areas far from Missouri by people who had moved out of the state.

Missouri just gets so much in Welfare dollars to help families here raise their families.

The Audit discovered cases of people out of the state for nearly a year making daily charges on their Missouri issued cards.

Some of the purchases were in, in Texas, California and the Virgin Islands.

The auditor points a finger at the Missouri Department of Social Services that was supposed to be making sure your money was being spent here. DSS didn't know about a lot of the questionable purchases discovered when the State Auditor did a random sampling of Welfare transactions.

You Paid For It caught up with the Acting Director of DSS to explain how so many questionable cases sailed under the radar for so long.

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  • Steven Sweeney

    Another day, more welfare fraud..we waste billions like this every year..Drug testing and One year limits would end this abuse..if you can’t get back on your feet in a year, you’re not going to..this is supposed to be a safety net, not a vocation..

    • Henry Glaus

      people on welfare are disable mental ill ,a single parent who have children and lost the spouse, sure there are many more people who need help.
      above all these people do not have to be drug tests are have a time limits etc.so they make them feel they are second class citizens.

  • Henry Glaus

    this audit clearly shows the DSS is not doing the job these people are being paid to do .
    the fraud is with the DSS and the people the DSS lets them get by with fraud .

  • Steven Sweeney

    The CBO states that we spent 78 billion last year just on food stamps..doesn’t include welfare, TANF, section 8, or Obama phones..This gross waste of money is why we’re drowning in debt..China has one of the biggest populations, and ZERO food stamps or welfare..probably why they have one of the strongest economies and why they hold most of our bonds..I love America, but would love to see China call in their debts, just to see the social services gravy train crash like one of gomez addams toys..may not wait much longer as long as comrade obama keeps giving the undeserving all these handouts the honest folks have to pay for..

  • c

    China is a communist country Mr. Sweeney. Perhaps you should move there and get away from all these “undeserving”people in our democracy.

    • d

      Spoken like someone with an entitlement mentality. Maybe you should look up the definition of “Socialism” since that is what your democratic leaders want the United States to be.

    • Steven Sweeney

      The bahamas is a democratic country with ZERO welfare..We should be the same..I have NEVER taken a penny from entitlements, and paid for these deadbeats for over 3 decades..THAT is communism..If you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat..Show me where food stamps, welfare and housing projects are mentioned in the constitution..

  • Danielle

    Not everybody who uses these services abuse them. Yes there are many out there who don’t work and are perfectly capable of working but there are also disabled, elderly, people who have lost a job and having trouble finding another one,single mothers and fathers,and those who have lost a spouse using these programs because they have to. I became disabled at 32yrs of age due to an illness that is not curable. I worked my whole life and would love to be able to go back to work. Without the foodstamp program I wouldnt have been able to feed my 2 kids. I went from making $19.00 an hour to having to use foodstamps every month. I was embarrassed and didnt want to use them at all. Then I realized that I paid taxes since I started working and my parents and family members are still paying taxes. So all I ask for is what I paid in. Some of the families that use these programs are good people who dont lie and abuse the system and then theres the drug addicts, lazy people, and the mothers who keep popping out babies to get more money and not have to go to work. The program needs some changes and better supervision but to take these programs completely away will leave the people like myself and my children homeless and starving. I wish everyday that life could be different for me and my household but it wont be unless they find a cure to get rid of it. So as I die slowly I need help and I wont lie about that. I cant believe that I’m even typing this right now and admitting I have to use some of these programs to get by. The ones abusing the system gives the rest of a bad name and image.

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